The Foundation of Child Traffic Education Park in Şanlıurfa

Turkey's largest 'Children's Traffic Training Park to give arms to Sanliurfa plaster Metropolitan Municipality, the creation of the project and performing basic throw and then identify the location.

Thanks to the project to be realized in Maşuk, children from Şanlıurfa will have all kinds of education in the field of traffic. Metropolitan Municipality, which provides all kinds of support for the education of young people, is counting the days to lay the foundation of the 'Children Traffic Education Park', which it plans to raise awareness of children in traffic education.

Turkey's largest 'Children's Traffic Training Park' project, which will be held on 32 thousand square meters of green area. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Nihat Çiftçi, who made the examinations in the project area, stated that the work is an efficient project for the future of Şanlıurfa.


Emphasizing the need to raise awareness of children at a young age, Mayor Nihat Çiftçi said, “Our Şanlıurfa is getting a new project by our Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. This project is the 'Children's Traffic Education Park' project. It is a park that can serve especially our children and education community. There is a park where all traffic rules can be practically trained. We run this park together with our GAP Development Directorate.

One third of our project is covered by our GAP Development Directorate and two thirds of our Metropolitan Municipality. We are in a newly developing neighborhood of Şanlıurfa. And here we have a problem as a city in the implementation of traffic rules for the future of Şanlıurfa. We need to load this as a consciousness at a young age. In particular, our traffic education branch office, our Transportation Department and our technical friends in this regard are struggling a lot. ”


Inviting all the people of Şanlıurfa to the groundbreaking ceremony to be held on Saturday, July 14 at 18.00:XNUMX, Mayor Çiftçi said, “Overpasses for traffic rules, traffic signs, signs, signalizations, crossroads and roundabout crossings will all take place here. I think this will make a significant contribution to traffic education.

I would like to thank our project partner GAP Development Department. I would like to thank to the technical team of the Department of Transportation for the Directorate of Transportation of our Metropolitan Municipality, who has matured, built, built and contributed two-thirds of the project.

Our Metropolitan Municipality takes important steps in city branding point in every field. This is one of the most important steps to be taken at the point of branding. ”


Turkey's largest 'Children's Traffic Training Park' project characterized as over 32 thousand square meters of green area and 14 thousand square meters will be made on the use of space. Along with experienced traffic instructors, 140 students will be able to receive training at the same time in the training park, where traffic education will be provided for primary and kindergarten students.

Students with disabilities are not forgotten in the project, students will receive traffic training using battery-powered vehicles. 3 units, open-air classrooms, a children's playground and a clover junction, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian overpasses, signalized intersections, uncontrolled junctions, roundabouts, level crossings, tunnel, barred roads, bus stops, underpasses, overpasses In the miniature city is aimed at reducing future traffic problems.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:42

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