Certificate of Appreciation for the villagers of the train accident hero

Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality, 8 July and 24 citizens lost their lives in the train crash search and rescue operations in the sensitive behavior and mobilization of all opportunities for the residents of Sarılar region were presented with a certificate of gratitude.

In the document presented to Fuat Döner, the muhtar of the neighborhood in the name of the residents of Sarılar District. Thanks to the residents of Sarilar District; We express our respects. sayg

The Mayor of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Albayrak Sarılar Neighborhood 8 stated that they displayed a great example of humanity and solidarity in July and said, ılar We lost our citizens in 24 in the train crash. All Turkey went through a very painful event bullish law. We wish God's mercy for those who died and we wish a speedy recovery to our wounded. We have all clustered as Thracians and tried to wrap up the wounds of our citizens. I would also like to thank the residents of Sarilar District. Entered the mud dale called Girilmez showed great examples of sacrifice. I thank them. Kend

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