2 Machinists Detained in Tekirdağ Train Disaster

Edirne with Uzunkopru Istanbul Halkalı 362 wagons of the train, which traveled with 6 passengers and 5 personnel, were overturned in the Sarılar Neighborhood between Muratlı and Çorlu districts of Tekirdağ due to the discharge of the soil between the culvert and the rail.

It was reported that, with the instructions of the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, two train drivers of the train accident were detained. It is stated that a comprehensive investigation has been initiated regarding the accident. In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport; The controls on the road were made in April. It was stated that the train had taken the material between the rails and the road due to the heavy rainfall after 2:14.

Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ, who made a statement following the search and rescue efforts that continued until the morning, announced that 24 people died in the sad incident. It was reported that 318 of the 194 injured people were treated in an outpatient manner, and 124 of them were still being treated in various hospitals.




    1. mercy to the wounded wounded wounded. Do you take lessons from this event dmy officials? weak path and the weather report does not take seriously?