TCDD Staff Who Lost Their Life in a Train Crash

Seyfi Erbil, who was among the ones who lost his life in a train accident in the district of Çorlu in Tekirdağ, worked as Protection Security Officer in TCDD, was sent off to his last voyage.

Can Cankesen, head of Transport Officer-Sen, who died in a train accident in Corlu Çerkezköy He attended the funeral of Seyfi Erbil, who was working as a Security Officer at the Train Station, in Pehlivan village.

Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yildirim, Tekirdag, Corlu District Sarilar died in the train crash occurred in the neighborhood Çerkezköy Seyfi Erbilin, who was working as a security officer in the train station, attended the funeral ceremony in Pehlivan village. President Cankesen, following the funeral prayer after the noon prayer Seyfi Erbil's family and relatives wished to offer his condolences.

Mayor Can Cankesen during his visit to Pehlivan Village, İstanbul Branch Manager Mustafa Tamtam, Branch Vice Chairman Yavuz Yürük, İstanbul 1 Branch Vice President Ayhan Yıldız, Mustafa Karakoca and Halkalı Erdal Yenice was accompanied by his representative.


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