Sivas, Logistics Base Will

Sivas Governor Davut Gül announced that a logistics center will be established in Sivas. In his written statement, Gül will turn his position into an opportunity with the Logistics Center to be built in Sivas, which is located at the central point of our country, serving as a transportation base between the ports and the north-south, east-west axes. The Logistics Center, which was included in the investment program by the General Directorate of TCDD and whose infrastructure construction will begin in September, will be established next to Demirağ OSB in the Ulaş Kovalı location.

The Governor Davut Gül, who made statements on gaining the center, pointed out that Sivas is a province that is close to the ports and has an increasing number of export day by day without any transportation problem. logistic base. 550.000 m² of the Logistics Center, whose total area is 215.000 m², will be located in Demirağ OSB. Demirağ OSB, which passes through the railway line, is planned to be planned with the Logistics Center and will provide great convenience to the entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurs can market their products even abroad without experiencing transportation problems. 02 August 2018 will be awarded the infrastructure tender on the construction of the center within a year of the construction works of the Sivas Congress 100. 4 will be inaugurated on September 2019. 9 of our country. Logistics Center Sivas will be carrying capacity of one million tons. We would like to thank our MPs and their bureaucrats, especially our Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz, who has great efforts and support in the implementation of the Center, and I wish this important investment would be beneficial to our Sivas. Merkez

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