Lightning: Thrace Soil Structure Is Not Suitable For Accelerated Train

Şadan Lightning
Şadan Lightning

Edirne former deputy Şadan Şimşek, Çorlu-Muratlı between the train and 24 person died after the train accident was not satisfactory.

Şimşek, imiz We feel the pain of losing our lives in the train crash between Çorlu and Muratlı. Thanks to our country and the head of our country. I wish the mercy of our fallen citizens, patience for their families and loved ones. 24 people injured in the accident 338 people are treated in various hospitals. I wish the wounded citizens a speedy recovery from the allah, Yar he said.

Şadan Şim gave the following in his statement:

Yapıl After the accident, the minister, especially the President, declared that the investigation and examination had been carried out. As the people of the region, we expect that the investigation and investigation about the accident will be completed and a detailed explanation will be made. After the accident, the Minister made the statement in the statement as a result of heavy rainfall showed that the public has not satisfied.

As a result of our interviews with people who have worked for many years in the road part of TCDD Enterprises; Speed ​​train of the studies done, say, the accelerated train system. Technically, it is not suitable for accelerated train infrastructure of soil structure in Thrace region. In addition, by combining the existing train rails with each other, the expansion of the rails is prevented and the possibility of causing the rail cars to derail is mentioned.

Due to the populist approach of the Minister and the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) officials, these kinds of accidents are inevitable due to the train speed due to the inappropriate train speed of the mechanic, in a way that the mechanic wants to reach the given time.

During the train crash between Çorlu and Muratlı, the speed of the train is 120 km. The audit conducted by the Minister in April reported that the soil hardness obtained by the experts from the train line as a result of manual and machine excavation is not a suitable substructure for the high-speed train.

The accident in Pamukova before, today we have felt sad as the people lived in our region. In order to prevent this accident, the investigation and examination should be made in detail and shared with the public.

As the people of the region, we wish that such wounded citizens do not experience such sadness and pain, and hope that our wounded citizens will have their health as soon as possible. God help us and get half."

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