Civil Inspection of Public Transport Vehicles in Şanlıurfa

Turkey's hottest province of Sanliurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality Police teams launched their journey climate control in vehicles with civilian clothes. Metropolitan Municipality, which prioritizes citizens' health, does not allow use of vehicles without air conditioning.

compared to the population density in Turkey, which has the largest fleet of vehicles in public transport and transport 4 international quality awards in the field of Şanlıurfa Municipality, keeping in the forefront of citizens' health has launched a civil audit period.

In the city of Şanlıurfa, which is located in the warm climate zone, the Metropolitan Municipality started the civilian police period so that citizens can travel more comfortably and safely, and controls the vehicles especially by making air conditioning controls in public transportation vehicles.


The Metropolitan Police teams, who come to work in the morning and change clothes, then travel by using public transportation vehicles that reach all over the city. The police teams, who use Urfa Card in their vehicle boarding, pay attention to the communication of the vehicle drivers, especially the air-conditioners, with the passengers and the course of the drivers in the city of Şanlıurfa in the control of the air conditioner from civilian police officers. Police teams, which report the negativities during the day, initiate transactions on vehicle drivers who experience negativity by presenting their reports to the department officers towards the end of the evening shift.


keeping Turkey's hottest province of Sanliurfa citizens applying cooling system at collection centers to be affected by the heat and Sanliurfa in the first air-conditioned stall period last Şanlıurfa Municipality in its aim of public health at the forefront to avoid the potential negatives.

The daily service of the citizen 190 thousand citizens in the purpose of offering the best service to the citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality, the controls will continue throughout the summer.

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