Samsun Governor Kaymak Announces High Speed ​​Train Project

Samnsun news - Governor of Samsun Osman Kaymak evaluated the high speed train project for the 8th issue of Magazine.

• What will be the contribution of Samsun-Ankara high-speed train project to Samsun and regional economy?

Thanks to the ongoing and planned projects in our country in recent years, our country is woven from the east to the west and from the north to the south by fast rail networks. One of them is Samsun-Kırıkkale-Ankara high-speed train project. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who visited Samsun in March, heralded the completion of project tenders and drilling activities for our citizens. Thanks to the project, the transportation between Samsun and Ankara will be reduced to two hours and there will be quick access to every location connected with Ankara.

The high-speed train is able to make more use of the potential of our city and will have a significant impact on the economic and social fabric. Industrial and service sectors, the real estate sector, mobility of labor and capital, population mobility, such as many variable speed train may undergo a change. This change will be shaped according to who is successful in the increasingly important competition with the high-speed train. Provinces that evaluate the opportunities offered by high-speed trains stand out in the relevant competition, and the provinces that cannot evaluate it are in danger of losing their current gains.

The transport sector is a service sector that plays an important role in the efficiency of other sectors. Therefore, the indirect impact of the high-speed train rather than its direct impact on the regional economy will be seen on all other economic activities from agriculture to industry, from tourism to education. I think that many sectors will be affected positively by the high speed train in Samsun. The economic impact of the high-speed train can be expected to emerge in the service sector, particularly in tourism. Samsun, which has a coastline of nearly forty kilometers and the coast where it can enter the sea, social infrastructure and cultural assets such as the Bandırma Ferry and Gazi Museum, Ladik Akdağ Ski Facilities, Havza Thermal Tourism Center and Bafra Kızılırmak Bird Sanctuary, is a candidate to become a tourism center. One of the factors that will increase this potential in terms of the city is fast and easy transportation. We need to reconsider the tourism infrastructure and strategy of our city against the additional tourist demand that will be brought about by rapid transportation. In parallel with the increase in the number of visitors, an increase in the occupancy rates of the hotels, as well as the number of hotels that will eliminate the number of beds required may increase. Our position at home to host national and international sports events will be further strengthened. The development of the tourism sector will lead to different employment areas. Especially, food, transportation, restaurants, entertainment, sectors can be expected to revive.

One of the most ambitious sectors in Samsun is health. Our province is the center of health services in Central Anatolia-Black Sea Region and it is one of the 20 cities where the Ministry of Health aims to become a brand in health care. Samsun 250 close to public and private health institutions, 35 years serving the region and all the levels of human resources needed by the sector, such as medical faculty, education research hospital, etc. is the most important health city in the Black Sea. With the arrival of the high-speed train to Samsun, the external demand for health services will increase and the national and international health city will strengthen its position.

In our province, one of Turkey's most eminent university establishment decision of Samsun Nineteen May University were next to the University. The high speed train can make it easier to reach Samsun, and it may contribute to be a more preferred city in higher education and the establishment of new universities in the future may be on the agenda. A city that specializes in higher education, especially in the region and the country will support the trained manpower, as well as increase the volume of trade and service in the city.

The ease of transportation and time are as important as in the business world. Therefore, I think that the high speed train will have positive effects on industry and trade life. Easy access provides a great advantage in terms of time, cost and marketing in access to the points in target markets. Increased mobility of production factors will have a positive effect on costs and competition. In order to meet the demand for qualified labor force, the companies will have the opportunity to benefit from the alternatives in the nearby provinces. The high speed train will contribute significantly to the domestic and international promotion of our city. The efficiency of the high speed train at the cost and speed point will increase the interest of local and foreign investors in the region. Firms can engage in new investments that they think will be more rational in Samsun. Because these companies have knowledge, quality and effective production factors in our region, considering that they will have competitive advantages. The development of transportation means new business opportunities for Samsun and its surroundings.

In the last two years, Samsun has been transformed from an immigrant city to an immigration area. The arrival of the high-speed train will accelerate this trend and make our city a center of attraction. There will be an increase in demand in many sectors especially in the housing sector. Besides, it should be said that the high speed train does not only affect the transportation network between cities and regions, but also the city transportation connection. Therefore, from the end of the high-speed train to the other points of the city should be considered complementary transportation networks.

• How do you assess the high speed train route?

The project, which will connect Ankara and Samsun with two-line electrified and fast railway with signaling, consists of separate line sections of Delice-Çorum, Çorum-Merzifon, Merzifon-Samsun and 3.

High-speed train line, starting from Delice district of Kırıkkale province, Corum province Sungurlu district, Corum Central district, Amasya Merzifon district, Samsun Havza District, Samsun, Kavak District will end in the center of Samsun. It is a very positive situation for us to be a station in our district of 2 on Ankara line. Especially the presence of the high speed train to reach an important point in the health tourism of the Havza thermal region will provide a very positive contribution. In addition to connecting to Ankara in our region, Amasya, Çorum, Tokat provinces, the possibility of a rapid alternative transportation in the name of our region as a very positive evaluation.

• The Aksaray-Ulukışla high-speed railway line, which is the first step of the line that will connect the Mersin Port to the Port of Samsun, was also included in the investment program. What would you like to say about this?

For us, it is also important to connect to the Central Anatolia and Mediterranean Regions if it is important to reach Ankara by high-speed train and connect to the east-west axis. Aksaray-Ulukışla High Speed ​​Train Project, which is the first step of the high-speed train line between Samsun and Mersin, is of great importance since it will enable us to connect with the railway to the most important north-south axis of our country. We hope that this planning decision will be implemented as soon as possible. The connection of Samsun and Mersin to each other, the opening of these two cities and other cities on the railway line to the Mediterranean and Black Sea is very important for the acceleration and increase of trade. The trade of Bafra and Çarşamba plains and agricultural products of Çukurova and industrial products of our provinces will increase. In addition, all cities on the line will surely increase the number of tourists. With the high speed train going to Mersin port, the export potential of Samsun will increase further and this will positively affect the industrial sector and other related sub-sectors.

This development also strengthens Samsun's claim to become a logistics base. Because one of the prerequisites for having a say in the field of Logistics is to have a sound transportation infrastructure. Samsun is in a very good position in transportation. We are the only city in the Black Sea that includes land, air, rail and sea. Samsun having these opportunities, logistics in connection with the Black Sea and the Black Sea coast of Turkey country, transfer, production and export - import center aims to be. We continue to work towards this goal. One of them is Samsun Logistics Center, which is now in the phase of being operational. The project will create value not only for businesses in Samsun, but also for businesses in many cities of Anatolia, located in the Black Sea region and Samsun port hinterland. This project will also provide economic support to the people of the region by providing employment opportunities for more than 2 thousand people. The high speed train line supports this Logistics Center.

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