Arrangement for Salim Dervişoğlu Street Begins Tomorrow

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality conducts a double road work at Salim Dervişoğlu Avenue. In this context, in accordance with the decision taken by UKOME, the first step bridge and Kahya Women's Street between the road editing and bridge work will be done in this section will not be a vehicle transition.

The vehicles that use this route will be able to reach Kahya Kadın Caddesi, Kübra Street via the First Step Bridge and Salim Dervişoğlu Street and go to Aslanbey and Köseköy. 9 The study will start on Monday in July and there will be no transition of vehicles from the work area. During the study, stopping and parking on the left side of Kahya Women's Street will not be possible according to the north-south direction.

In the coastal region of Izmit, the Salim Dervişoğlu Street, which extends in the east-west direction, is turned into a double road. The street, which is currently used as a single lane departure, will serve as two lanes after the double road work. The road that is used as a coastal road will become an alternative transportation route after being turned into a double road.

The street, which will create an alternative transportation route to the D-100, will serve as a double road after the works. Double road work covers the section between 42 Evler area and Çuhane Street. After the work is completed, the road section in this range will be 2 × 2 lanes. Project applications are planned to be completed in 400 days. The road section of 4 thousand 950 meters is constructed 42 meters between 17 Evler-İlk Adım Bridge and 20 meters wide in the section from İlk Adım Bridge to Çuhane Caddesi.

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