Salihli's Köprülü Junction Rises

The Bridge Interchange Project, which connects the Salihli district entrance and the Industrial Site on the Izmir-Ankara highway by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, and which has started work at the point called the death junction, is progressing rapidly. The project is planned to be open until the 29 October 2018 date.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Turgutlu, Salihli and Alaşehir started the cross-junction works initiated in the district. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yılmaz Gençoğlu also examined the Salihli Köprülü Intersection Project, which works with Fevzi Demir, the Head of Road Construction and Repairs Department, and received information from the contractor company officials.

'Death Crossings are History with Metropolitan'
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yilmaz Gencoglu, Salihli Köprülü Junction after the comments found. Gençoğlu said, Ankara On the İzmir-Ankara highway, the places we call death junctions in Turgutlu, Salihli and Alaşehir are history. At this point, the Salihli Bridge Interchange stage, which we have examined, is moving very quickly. We are very pleased with the work. As the project approaches the end point, the excitement of the people of Salihli and our enthusiasm is increasing. Because with this project, both traffic will relax, transportation will be more security, people will have a healthier life. On behalf of all Salihli and Turkey we are very pleased that we could bring the project to life. Those who pass through this region feel the excitement when they feel the visual of the project. We are happy to have one of the promises of our President Cengiz Ergün before the local elections of 2014. Good luck to our people. Halk

The Project is planned to be opened in October at 29
Fevzi Demir, Head of Road Construction and Repairs Department, also informed the project. Head of Department Fevzi Demir said, ın Our work in the project continues one step ahead of the work program. At the points that correspond to the feet of the bridge, we have displaced troubles. We're over them. The last 6 foot remained. General view of the bridge began to appear. Our ground works are continuing. A busy road through the 30 bin vehicle per day. Salihli was also a problem for our town. 29 We aim to relax our citizens by opening the upper part of the junction until October. Salihli not only when the project is completed, Turkey will be opened to the service. We want to complete these works without accident and offer it to our people Kaz.

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