Train Accident Questions from CHP's Yüceer to Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan

CHP Tekirdağ deputy Candan Yüceer, in the district of Tekirdag Çorlu and the 24 person died in the train accident to the new Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan '16 question' on the suspicion of 'accident negligence' asked the question.

The first question to the new Cabinet, which was appointed after the Presidential Government System was officially in force, came from CHP Tekirdağ Deputy Candan Yüceer.

24 died in the Çorlu district of Tekirdag where the death of the CHP Yüceer, New Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turan'a Istanbul Halkalı.The reason of the cancellation of the maintenance and renewal tender of Muratlı railway line was given by 16.

Yüceer'in Minister Turan's request to respond to the Presidency of the Assembly in his speech as follows:

1-Turkey State Railways (TCDD) classified by the 11 2018 Istanbul in June Halkalı- Is it true that 6 announced the tender for the maintenance of the railway between Muratlı, and the tender for the maintenance of the railway is canceled due to the lack of 'allowance' at 21 June 2018?

2-Is it true that on the Istanbul Sirkeci-Uzunköprü railway line, 6 pieces of railway bridge are requested to be renewed with the decision of the Istanbul Flood Coordination Board on the grounds that the flows are insufficient? TCDD 1. Is it true that the Regional Directorate has decided to renew the railway line, but a number of reasons are not implemented? What is the reason why this decision is not applied?

3-KazanThrough which institutions or companies were the maintenance and inspection works carried out on the train line where the train line is realized? Is it true that the company named “Unitek İnşaat” carries out maintenance work on the line?

What is the change in the number of employees in 4-TCDD in the last 5 year? What is the decrease in the number of TCDD employees in the context of privatization decisions?

5 - What is the reason why the 'road guards' who are working to inform the failures on the railway line routes are excluded from the squad because of the privatizations in the railways?

6-Ministry of Transport, kazanHe explained that this was caused by the 'discharge of the soil between the culvert and the rail due to heavy rains'. 24 of our citizens lost their lives. kazanIs it because of "excessive precipitation"? The precipitation values ​​measured by the Muratlı Station of the General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM), which is the closest measurement station to the accident site, are 11.00 mm, 12.00 mm between 30.4-12.00 and 12.26 mm between 2.0 and 32.4. Can these numbers qualify as 'excessive precipitation'?

7-Why could not it be foreseen that the 'excessive rainfall', expressed by the authorities as the cause of the accident, could lead to these and similar disasters? Has an engineering technique to prevent the discharge of soil between the grille and rail is not yet invented?

8-What is the number of train accidents due to excessive rainfall in European countries? What are the reasons for the lack of accidents caused by the gap between the culvert and rail in the rainfall countries of Europe?

9-KazanWhat is the reason for raising the rails with filling without cleaning the culvert on the railway line where the construction takes place?

10KazanWhat are the reasons for the disintegration of the sleepers in the area where the The immediate disintegration of the sleepers indicates a quality problem? How many sleeper factories have been closed in the last 5 years? KazanWhich companies have inspected the sleepers, filling materials and their inspections on the line where the damage occurred?

11-Accident after the accident is made of the transportation, where the wounded were transported by tractors and the teams to reach the region of the claims are correct?

12-How often and at what intervals does the Ministry of Transport control and control the awarded projects? When was the last time the control of the aforementioned railway line was made?

13 - Are the claims that the inspection and maintenance of the railway lines are not done regularly is correct? Does the fact that the signatures of the engineers and architects from the building permits in the mentioned accident have any effect?

14-Last 5 What is the number of railway lines that have been canceled in year? What are these lines? On which lines is the decision to carry out maintenance and renewal work?

Is there any change in the institutional structure of 15-TCDD? Will there be a change in the privatization policies implemented in the fields of transport and infrastructure? Will the responsibility of the private sector be reduced in the maintenance, inspection and control works and operations of the railway lines?

16-What precautions will be taken to prevent this and similar accidents? Will the inspection and control frequency be increased in railway lines?

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