New Era in Public Transportation Has Begun in Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar Municipality, Yüntaş Bus Operated under the structure of the private public buses and made the introduction of the opening. After the ceremony in which public transportation vehicles will be used for transportation in Afyonkarahisar city and the beginning of public transportation service, 18 started to provide public transportation service with 4 vehicle.

8-meter vehicles with the best design award winner 12 meter vehicles was introduced at the same time, the beginning of the electronic fare collection system to be implemented in the city center of Afyonkarahisar. The new system, branded with the name of AfyonKart, will provide many convenience to citizens and bring quality to city transportation.

AfyonKart is the owner of Yüntaş A.Ş. Bus Operations. AfyonKart, which will increase the ease of access with the franchises to be given, will bring advantages in urban transportation.


The opening speech of the ceremony was made by YÜNTAŞ General Manager Mehmet Sarlık. After urbanization, as in all our cities in the city center of Afyonkarahisar said that the importance of public transportation in the city began to speak by saying that the most important daily needs of people in the city, expanding the boundaries of the city, providing regular transportation of the city, he said.

Stating that urban transportation has become a service as valuable as drinking water, Director of Wooltaş Mehmet Sarlık; “Our Company is Wooltas AS Afyonkarahisar has undertaken the lease tender for a total of 18 vehicles, including 36 noble and 4 spare vehicles, for 40 years on 10 route lines, which provide public transportation for the city, which has been tendered by our Municipality. After the tender, all bus manufacturers were visited by our company, and the features and advantages of the vehicles produced were examined. Considering the maximum benefit in cost, service, equipment and after-sales services, it was decided to purchase ISUZU vehicles in our parking lot. Our vehicles will be used for the first time in Afyonkarahisar city transportation as the new generation vehicles. ”


Noting that the vehicles are designed to appeal to all segments in service, Sarlık; “Our 8-meter vehicles with the best design award; In accordance with the disabled access, it has a low base, high maneuverability, automatic transmission, new generation engine and 60 passenger capacity. For the safe travel of our passengers, passenger comfort is at the highest level thanks to 7 vehicle security cameras and air conditioners with remote access 24/3. Our 12-meter buses, which will be put into service especially on the lines with passenger density, are also suitable for disabled riding thanks to their low floor. With these vehicles that can carry 4 passengers at the same time, Afyonkarahisar city center will meet for the first time. Valuable General Manager of ISUZU company, Tuğrul Arıkan Beyefendiye, Sales Director Yusuf Teoman, Bus Sales Manager Murat Küçük, Marketing Manager Selda Çelik and Marketing Chief Ali Başağa, ISUZU Bus Dealer Karseç Automotive owners Cemalettin and Bekir Karaaytaç I would like to thank the ISUZU Family with the great care of our vehicles and Bacakoğlu Afyon ISUZU Service Lütfi and Abdullah Arslantürk on behalf of our Company. ” he spoke.


Stating that 40 TL investment has been made for 14.096.874,40 buses excluding VAT, Sarlık said, “For the bus company, until the date of the Wooltaş A.Ş. Total expenditure made by the company reached TL 15.897.874,40 excluding VAT. In order to continue the tender for passenger transportation within the city, a total of 103 personnel are assigned. The training of our drivers is carried out meticulously. 50 of our drivers will be employed for 3 months from İş-Kur On-the-Job Training Program. At the end of the period, our drivers, whose performance is deemed sufficient, will have permanent jobs. ” Stating that card applications will also start in our city center in Afyonkarahisar, together with our inner city transportation service, Wool Saritas General Manager Mehmet Sarlik said; “Our cards, which we brand with the name AfyonKart, will facilitate our daily life as a payment tool in the municipal service areas, which will be deemed appropriate after public transportation. “AfyonKart Electronic Charge Collection System, which we have implemented with our solution partner ASİS, will provide great convenience in urban transportation and will improve itself and improve the quality of its service over time”.


They provide a lot of convenience to people with afyonkart Afyonkarahisar record Sarlık, "Turkey and many other countries in the world which has become a partner in the ASİS Afyonkarahisar Province has continued its service by extinguishing the blazing light. On this occasion, I would like to thank all ASİS Family in the person of ASİS Deputy General Manager Ayhan Tunç, who is currently with us. I would like to thank to the valuable managers of the Halkbank Afyonkarahisar Branch, who has a share in making Afyonkart operational, and to Ali Rıza Gürakar and Mehmet Siper Bey, who accept our dealership, and the valuable owners of Söz Marketler. I hope the city transportation service we undertake will be accessible and full of advantageous prices and facilities. Our belief is that everybody living in Afyonkarahisar, which we will carry in urban transportation, will adopt this service more than anyone else. ”


Mehmet Sarlık, General Manager of Yüntaş, who expressed his gratitude to the Mayor Burhanettin Çoban who supported them on this road; Usal Our company has a history of sixty-seven years. Under the auspices of our Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, it is growing day by day with its hardworking executives and employees and producing goods and services in the public sector. We are grateful to Burhanettin Çoban, our mayor, who gave us the power to believe and give us strength. We are very careful in using our public resources as we are aware that we are a depository in the public sector in all our investments and services. Our close colleagues and managers, who have been running with us for nearly a year, are the architects of our success. I thank them in your presence. We are grateful to the Municipal Assembly Members who have a share in all investments and services made by our company, to the distinguished executives of our municipality who contributed to us, to our press members who showed our company to our company and to the people who deserved the best of everything. We will continue to provide transportation services to the managers and employees of our bus operator without any accident. Bus Operation to all Afyonkarahisar'a get better Afyon.

E There is a municipality that invests in the future of AFYON K

ASİS Deputy General Manager Ayhan Tunç talked about the understanding of mutual trust with Wooltas and said that the company did not leave them alone on this road. Stating that Afyonkarahisar Municipality is acting with an understanding that invests in the future, Ayhan Tunç pointed out that one of the most important items in smart cities is transportation. Expressing that he can make free transportation from one place to another with a 45-minute transfer thanks to his smart card system, Ayhan Tunç said, “Afyonkarahisar residents will be able to travel from one place to another without any cost by transferring in 45 minutes. After seeing a 10-minute job, they will continue their journey by getting on comfortable, state-of-the-art buses. This change is developing from the perspective of the rulers of the cities concerned. Along with Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, this perspective continues in Afyon. I congratulate Afyokarahisar for having a municipality investing in the future, thank you on behalf of my team. ”


ISUZU Company Official Yusuf Teoman thanked Mayor Burhanettin Çoban and YÜNTAŞ General Manager Mehmet Sarlık, who implemented the vision project and preferred ISUZU. Expressing that the vehicles delivered to Afyonkarahisar are the newest, most comfortable, safest and most performance vehicles in their class, ISUZU Company Official Yusuf Teoman said, “It has also been designed to provide ease of use for transportation for our elderly and disabled citizens, and it is more We deliver a total of 36 deliveries, 4 of which are award-winning Isuzu Novo City Life, and 40 of Cityport, which is another award-winning vehicle and is the most preferred public transportation vehicle in Europe. Turkey Turkish workers and our R & D department, our design to the, we are a separate happiness due to their produced by labor and many years of our modern public transport which will be presented to the service of Afyonkarahisar people will carry the residents of this beautiful city. I would like to thank our Mayor Burhanettin Çoban and his team, who have contributed to the realization of this project and started the project with his vision, to Mehmet Sarlık, the General Manager of Wooltaş A.Ş, and to our dealer Karseç Otomotive and after-sales service, Bacakoğlu Automotive for their support. I wish the Isuzu Novo City Lights and Isuzu Cityport buses to be beneficial and auspicious to the people of Afyonkarahisar. ”


President Burhanettin Çoban stated that they had witnessed many bus and minibus fights in 2009 many times. Ve When I started my job, I had a bus between 363 minibuses, 60 and 80 in Afyonkarahisar. One of the subjects we tried most was the bus-minibus fight. Both the local press and the national press was therefore a frequent topic. Knives with knives, chases with a shotgun. We were getting a lot of grievances, such as the glass and the door. He could not continue this work and closed the company. A company established by our minibuses took our tender, and they can only use this 60 bus for two and a half years. I finally called the minibusmen when they shut this down. ”Friends so far you didn't listen to me, you've always gone to the wrong places, let's take a bus to the two minibuses and let's get the minibus system out of here“. How they will be said, we'll take the decision of the City Council from the minibus to stay on the basis of two minibuses, I'll turn into a bus, I said. Instead of the 363 minibus, there would be a 8-181 bus with 182 meters in the center of Afyonkarahisar. I told you about your earnings. The only driver, 14 + 14 28 56 60 passengers instead of moving passengers can be changed between 65 65, you will have the right to carry passengers, no longer the bus, so you will get all the cake I said. I explained that their only loss would be to carry the XNUMX age, the disabled, the families of the Martyrs, the veterans, the press, and this is a legal law. Somehow we could not convince our friends, we could not convince this work, Bir he said. President Burhanettin Çoban reminded the minibus shopkeepers of a second offer; In his offer, he announced that they would not make a tender for the bus, to make a protocol with the Municipality as a minibus, to set the fee for the municipality and to carry the XNUMX over age, the disabled, the families of the martyrs, the veterans, the press members free of charge, but the minibus tradesmen did not accept this offer.


Stating that YÜNTAŞ put it under the stone after these negotiations, President Burhanettin Çoban said that YÜNTAŞ entered the tender for city transportation as the only company. Following the production of many companies in Turkey and tender Shepherd Afyonkarahisar President said that they invited both buses; “The argonomy, comfort, comfort, passenger carrying capacity, safety, but most importantly, the amount of fuel was investigated. The latest ISUZU company was found to have the best conditions for Afyonkarahisar and was negotiated. Thanks, the company officials did not do opportunism either. Even though they had tens and hundreds of orders, they gave us all kinds of support and today we will say 27 Bismillah and start it. Hopefully, we will continue to serve with a total of 40 buses as soon as July ends. We will provide service with our Euro 6 engine, cool in summer, hot in winter and all kinds of safety and most importantly our trained drivers ”.


Mayor Çoban, who advised the bus drivers, also made some warnings about the troubles that might arise during their expeditions. Mayor Çoban said, “We get the most complaints from the drivers in television, internet and newspapers. Our company gives all kinds of training such as body language and public communication to our drivers, and will continue to provide them. I would like them to be as patient as possible. Sometimes there are also negative problems caused by our passengers. By patience, you can give our people the most friendly and friendly service. Therefore, when we receive appreciation, it is up to me as the Mayor to give the award. If we have drivers who complain about the people who cannot keep up with us, we will warn you once or twice, but we will have to separate our way with them. "If our drivers make our people happy, so we believe we will pay more for them." Stating that Wooltaş invested 16 million TL excluding VAT with this service, Mayor Çoban said that in 2009, when he took over the duty, there was 100 thousand TL in the case of Wooltaş. Reminding that the total number of workers, including the cleaning workers, of Wooltas exceeded 600, President Coban said, “When we came to office, we had a bakery factory that had completed its life, we had a completely systematic similarity and a business that was rented at Gazligol Spa. Today, Wooltas has three gasoline, all made from scratch, now doing the fourth. There are bus facilities, Bakery Products, cafeterias, natural stone factory, decorative parquet factory, concrete parquet factory. Just the number of workers he hired shows where Wooltas came from and where. We have received great support from our valuable Provincial Manager of Provincial Business, and I thank him in your presence. Because, both in our bus company and in our bakery products, İş Kur gave us employee support. ”


AK Party Afyonkarahisar MP Ibrahim Yurdunuseven the beginning of his speech Mayor Burhanettin Coban's numerous services, he noted. Member of Parliament Yurdunuseven emphasized that municipalism is a difficult task; Iştir The municipality is a very difficult task. Because I have been a member of the City Council for a period of politics come from within. Provincial Chairman. In fact, the Municipality is a very difficult task of the deputy. Because every day every minute 230 thousand of my nurses are at the door of the Mayor. You have all kinds of demands, you have to meet all kinds of demands. I would like to congratulate our Mayor for these fine services. In addition, these beautiful vehicles made a special device for our disabled brothers. We are doing very good services as a government for our disabled brothers. One of them thanks to our Mayor here. Another issue we call the Afyon Card is generally the card system we see in metropolitan cities. My Afyonkarahisarlı citizens really deserve good services and one of them is Afyon Kart. I hope he will give good results. I think it is important for me to choose a company that we will call domestic manufacturing. On this occasion, I would like to thank our Mayor and YÜNTAŞ General Manager. I hope that the transportation service will be instrumental in charity. Ulaşım


Pointing out that the problem that has been troubled since the day he came to Afyonkarahisar is traffic and public transportation, Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz said, “It is an era where people move rapidly and mostly flock to larger cities. In order to find education, health services and, most importantly, to find a job, people quickly moved towards big cities or large settlements in our age. As a result, and municipal services came to the fore. Since the day I came here, the most common problem in Afyonkarahisar is; traffic and public transport. Everyone we encountered were constantly bringing up issues related to transportation and traffic at meetings on public days. Transportation problems were not encountered in the last two meetings. The belief that the problems about traffic will be solved now begins to occur in our people; then it was not voiced in two meetings. I would like to congratulate everyone who contributed to this opportunity, while hoping that new vehicles and transportation services will bring good luck to Afyonkarahisar. Following the speeches, vehicles were put into service with the recitation of the Quran recited by Mayor Burhanettin Çoban's father Hafız Halil Çoban and the prayer read by the İzerler Mosque Imam Ahmet Sevim.

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