Bridge Solution in Transportation in Mustafakemalpaşa

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Bursa is a more accessible city as part of the ongoing efforts to reach the point, Mustafakemalpasa district points needed pedestrians and vehicle bridges with practical touches, he said.

Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa, the transportation of breath taking applications in all the districts, Mustafakemalpasa bridges needed at various points in pedestrian and vehicle traffic became even more practical.

”Our goal is the happiness of the people of Bursa“

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, investigations in Mustafakemalpasa district, the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, Pashas and Cavuskoy bridges and Çaltılıbük pedestrian bridge to the district said that the gain. Stating that Bursa is a very attractive and beautiful city, President Aktaş said, kö We continue our efforts to make this city more livable and more accessible with every corner. Sometimes we renovate our roads with building demolitions, and sometimes we make arrangements in accordance with the connection points, especially in our districts. Our only concern is to know that all our citizens in Bursa are happy to live in this city. Our goal is to feel the happiness of the people of Bursa Hedef.

Old bridges renewed on site

Within the scope of the works, the Paşalar Bridge, which connects the Paşalar and Karapınar neighborhoods, was built on the site after the old damaged bridge was destroyed. The PADAS Bridge with 8 meters, including the 13 meter wide asphalt and pedestrian pavements and the 120 meter width bridge and link road, has been serving vehicle and pedestrian traffic since May this year.

Çaltılıbük pedestrian crossing in Çaltılıbük neighborhood, which provides a picnic area, crossing to fields and gardens, was also destroyed and the old damaged suspension bridge was demolished. The 2,5 meter-wide bridge is 100 meters long with the connection path UM

Çavuşköy Bridge was built in place of the old suspension bridge and 8 meter asphalt road and pedestrian paths are 13 meters wide. Bridge, Cavuskoy Mahmoud Mustafakemalpasa Deveci Mansion road through the Camandar and Fertility district and provides access to the road Çaltılıbük.



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