Municipal Bus Trips Started to the Turkic World Culture Park


Karaman Municipality organized a bus service on Saturday and Sunday for the citizens who could not go to the Turkish World Culture Park.

One of the important projects of the Municipality of Karaman and recently opened in the Turkish World Culture Park Karaman people's interest continues to increase day by day. Being the largest social and green space project in the history of the city, Türk Dünyası Kültür Parkı has become an intensive facility used by citizens at every hour of the day with its aesthetic appearance and social facilities.

Karaman Municipality has started bus services for our citizens who want to go to the Turkic World Cultural Park, which has become a favorite place in a short time. Buses that will provide access to the park on weekends will leave Aktekke 15 July Democracy Square at certain times.

Turkish World Culture Park municipal bus schedules as follows;

Departure Place: Aktekke 15 July Democracy Square
Departure Time: Return Time:

10.00 10.30
12.00 12.30
14.00 14.30
16.00 16.30
18.00 18.30
20.00 20.30
22.00 22.30

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