The Final Solution to Mudanya Traffic

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas said that they are working with a professional company for the final solution to the traffic in Mudanya and very soon result results projects will be announced to the public. Mudanya Municipality in his schematic work on the engineering details of the absence of a complete black marker logic was recorded that the President Aktas, the district mayor invited the city to explain the prepared plan.

The regular assembly meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality was held in the municipality building on the Ankara Road. Before discussing the agenda items; The services and investments produced in the 8 monthly process were explained to the members of the film and the council members.

Invitation to district mayor

Answering the questions of the council members before the meeting, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, clarified the recent issues regarding Mudanya. Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the approach of the mayor of Mudanya, such as 'Transfer the traffic practices to us', has no examples anywhere in the world, and stated that Mudanya cannot be considered alone in transportation. Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the proposal submitted by the Mudanya Municipality did not find a solution to the parking issue and was a charcoal work that could lead to new bottlenecks and said, “Mudanya is a region with a high population, especially during the summer and weekends. We are also not satisfied with this situation. Regarding my duty, one of the first instructions I gave is to find an urgent solution to Mudanya traffic. One of the first things we did was to create a parking lot for 1200 vehicles in the filling area in Mudanya. When I visited Mudanya Municipality, I asked them to examine the documents given to us by transferring them to relevant friends. Once the plan has been prepared schematically and there is no engineering detail. Currently we are working with one of Turkey's most professional firms. They will put forth work on Mudanya in the near future. We ask the mayor of Mudanya to come to the parliament and present the plan he prepared and explain it in detail ”.

Expressing that Mudanya was given a park during the previous Mayor, Hasan Aktürk, and that some unpleasant events took place there recently, Mayor Aktaş said, “A month ago; Employees such as Ali the head-cutting are intervened and they are told, 'You can't do anything here'. I'm having trouble understanding the mayor of Mudanya. The same mayor went again last night and blocked the workers even though the work was 80 percent complete. Ultimately, people living in Mudanya prefer this place. kazanWe want a test,” he said. Mentioning the coastal works in his speech, Mayor Aktaş stated that there may be deficiencies caused by the contractor, and that none of the changes and expenses come out of the municipality's coffers.

”We avoided leakage on the S plate tik

Addressing the issue of S plate upon a question, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that all parties should be considered while making a decision. Reminding that the Metropolitan Municipality paid serious compensations as a result of the decisions taken without considering different parties, Mayor Aktaş said, “The business has been dragged into serious dilemmas. As soon as he took office, I said, 'We will not give S plates anymore. I know the building in Bursa. There are those with S plate available. There are people coming from the districts. The areas from the districts, 'The mine is connected here. We have the right from the Metropolitan 'he says. You will buy plates from Orhaneli for 10 thousand TL and from Büyükorhan for 20 thousand TL. You will travel here with the same numbers as people who bought a license plate from the Metropolitan for 300-400 thousand liras. This is not possible. Among them, there are also those who will make a difference of 90 thousand liras and 120 thousand liras. Convincing the Bursa Chamber of Servants, we found a middle way. We limited this to a number like 600. With the data we received from the Traffic Branch Directorate, we saw what you needed. We do not sell S plates and we prevent illegal operation. "After this application is over, we will keep the controls very tight."

President Aktas, on the question of another question on the coast of Orhangazi, construction of the construction will begin soon, announced.

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