Denizli Gets Modern Garage Garage

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, truck and tractor in the city center in order to prevent irregular parking and urban traffic in order to relax the construction of the truck and truck garage has completed the project. Shortly thereafter, the facility and drivers and vehicles will have modern park and accommodation facilities.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented giant transportation services to relieve traffic and travel more comfortably in Denizli, has completed the truck and truck garage project that the city needs for a long time. With the project, trucks and trucks that cause irregular parking in the city center and adversely affect the city traffic due to its bad appearance and congestion will have a regular parking area. In addition to regular parking, there will be various social areas for truck and truck drivers, who have to spend the night at the roadside, with the truck garage that will soon be put into service. Drivers and vehicles will have access to modern parking and accommodation.

45 was founded on acres

Near the Bozburun neighborhood, the park was built on a land of approximately 45 and was built with 99 trucks, 60 trucks and 49 automobiles. The facility has a closed area of ​​1.350 square including basement and ground floor. Asphalt paving works are going on quickly and the facility will be in service after a short time.

Negatives will be eliminated

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan announced that they will put their truck garage into service as soon as possible. President Osman Zolan said, “Thank God we have completed our project, which is among the greatest needs of our tradesmen serving in the transportation industry. Now, irregular parking and traffic jams created by trucks and trucks in the city center will be prevented and our citizens' complaints in this direction will be eliminated. God bless you to use bye. "Good luck to our sea already," he said.

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