Dispatch to Mithatpaşa Traffic

Due to the underpass to be constructed between Balçova Viaduct and the existing gas station, 9 is conducting new traffic regulations in the region from July.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to implement projects that will ease the transportation in the city, is implementing two more underpasses at the Deniz Feneri Street on Mithatpaşa Street and between the Balçova Viaduct and the existing gas station, within the framework of the protocol it has signed with the company that continues the shopping center construction.
Construction of the 260-meter highway underpass was completed by 70 percent in Deniz Feneri Street, which cuts the Mithatpaşa Street from the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Marina Junction. Another underpass that will scalpel Mithatpaşa traffic will be built in the 250-meter section between Balçova Viaduct and the existing gas station. In this context, new arrangements will be made gradually in the traffic flow in the region from the coming days. The first implementation will start on Monday morning, July 9, 2018.

For more convenient transportation
The new traffic scheme will be implemented in order to ensure that drivers are affected in the least four stages of the construction work:
The first stage will be held between 9 July and 15 August. On Monday morning, on July 9, 2018, after the Fahrettin Altay Square in the direction of Konak-Balçova, traffic flow will be reduced from 250 lanes to 4 lanes in the 2-meter working area between the existing gas station on Mithatpaşa Street and the Balçova Viaduct. Starting from Saturday, July 14, 2018, the part of Mithatpaşa Caddesi going to Balçova-Konak direction will start working as 2 lanes.

The second stage will be passed on August 15 and will continue until September 30. Since the 260-meter new highway underpass, which was built on Deniz Feneri Street by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, will be put into service on the start date, the junction at the beginning of this street will be shifted towards Balçova direction and a new junction will be created here. On the road to be arranged according to the Lighthouse Street Underpass, vehicles will join street traffic at this new intersection.

The third phase will take place between 1-31 October. The 4 lanes are going to be closed by the 4 lane on the side of the sidewalk of Mithatpaşa Street, and the traffic will be processed by 4 lane 2.

1 2018 to be applied between November 2019 and February 4. and in the last stage the traffic of Mithatpaşa Street is 3. will work in the opposite way of the stage. This time the 8 lane will be closed to the middle 4 lane traffic. The traffic flow will be provided in the following ways, with the arrival of 2 - 2. The vehicles that will turn into Mithatpaşa Street-Üçkuyular-Göztepe direction from Deniz Feneri Street, will be able to make the transition from the upper part of the new underpass to be completed in the first stage.



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