We Await Support to TÜDEMSAŞ from Deputy Ministers

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport Employees Rights Union, said that three deputy ministers from Sivas were welcomed in the city and expressed their interest and interest for TÜDEMSAŞ.

Abdullah Peker, President of the Transport Employees Rights Union, stated in his written statement that the three deputy ministers from Sivas were welcomed in the city and said they expected interest and interest for TÜDEMSAŞ.

FULL Support to TÜDEMSAŞ from the Ministry
UDEM HAK-SEN President Abdullah Peker said in a written press statement: “Three deputy ministers from Sivas in the recent appointments made us all happy. I think that there will be no problems in terms of services and investments coming to Sivas. We expect interest and interest from our three deputy ministers appointed for the TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate, the most important of the institutions in Sivas.

We have no doubt that they will do whatever is necessary for the job supply from the private sector and the government. As it is known, TÜDEMSAŞ is the lifeblood of our Sivas in terms of employment, and it is a company with trained personnel and technical equipment. Europe's largest in its field in Turkey is among the few institutions. Even now, an average of ten million liras of hot money flows to Sivas market monthly.

Time to Support TÜDEMSAŞ
The importance of TÜDEMSAŞ should never be overlooked in terms of supporting both tradesmen and sub-industries. Such an institution should be even higher. At this point, all Sivas bureaucrats and NGOs should be supported.

TÜDEMSAŞ is the property of Sivaslılar. We will not feed neither the housing nor the factory lands as rent to anyone. Our aim is a more developed, more rantabl working TÜDEMSAŞ.

Ankara's strabismus has prevented the institution from making a breakthrough in the field of production. I think that this situation will end with the efforts of our three deputy ministers. As the people of Sivas, we expect investment with projects that produce more, grow and bring added value to our country. We will continue our works with the understanding of our state first, and then the union. ”

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:49

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