The Locomotive Won't Go From Selçuk

Mayor of Selçuk The efforts of Zeynel Seli gave great results. It was decided to keep the locomotive which was planned to be lifted by TCDD during the İZBAN works.

Mayor of Selçuk Dede Zeynel Babysitter made a statement to inform the public yesterday about the removal of the locomotive, which is the symbol for Selçuk. In the statement made within the scope of the project in the Station Square, the public to be used for the benefit of the public more arrangements to prevent damage to the locomotive was removed temporarily by President Bakıcı said. However, President Bakıcı said in his statement today that after the contacts with related institutions, it was decided to keep the locomotive in place during the İZBAN works and the restoration works should be done in a way not to damage the locomotive. President Carer said in a statement; Arı It was intended to temporarily remove the locomotive during the restoration work to be carried out at the Station Square. However, we decided that the locomotive could remain in place and restoration work could be done in a proper way as a result of our contacts with social sensitivity. Ancak



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