Ramazan Önal, Down guard with Down Syndrome, Lost His Life

Ramazan Önal, a down syndrome who had been a guard at the level crossing for 36 years in the Dörtyol district of Hatay, died this morning.

Who was Ramazan Önal: Ramazan Önal (46), a down syndrome in the district of Dörtyol in Hatay, wore a hat on his head every day in the first light of the morning and he was walking about a kilometer from his place to the level of a crossing.

Önal, who came to the point where the level of the crossing was found in Yeni Yurt neighborhood, was trying to help the vehicles to make a controlled transition with their own methods. Günal, Dörtyol Municipality in the summer from the sun, winter in the hut built for protection from the cold on its own.

Önal gave a smiling face to the drivers and trains passing through the level crossing and smiling with a pocket money provided by the drivers. Önal, who continued his life with Sultan Önal (81), was very much loved by the citizens. Önal deeply grieved his lovers this morning. The funeral of Ramazan Önal will be given to the ground in the 11.00 New Dormitory. Rest in peace

Source : I xnumxgunhaber.co

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