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TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın raillife wrote articles for July issue.

İsa ApaydınThe article of 'is as follows:

“While we continue to work on our country with high speed and high speed rail networks, we are restoring our historical and cultural heritage stations and stations in accordance with the original. Each of our train stations and stations and comfortable trains turn into a movie plateau. Our Eastern Express, which we operate between Ankara and Kars, is one of these. Those who want to witness the unique beauty of the Anatolian geography stretching from Ankara to our city of serhat, Kars, prefer our Eastern Express, which hosts comfortable travels on this line. Photographs and images taken from the crescent and star windows of historical stations and stations throughout their travels, find wide coverage in print and visual media.

The Eastern Express National Photography Contest, which was organized for the first time with the instructions and under the auspices of the Minister, was hosted by TCDD at YHT Gar. The winners were given prizes by the Minister.

A Basic Throwing, An Opening At

In the past month, we also realized two more important events. We took the basis of the railway connection between the Aliağa-Bergama railway and the Çandarlı Port connection with the ceremony attended by the Prime Minister's video conference system. When the project is completed, IZBAN commuter line will be extended to 50 km in 136 km. We have completed the construction of the Logistics Center in Erzurum (Palandöken) as part of our efforts to establish a Logistics Center, where we plan to separate from 186.

Together with our Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ and UDH Minister Mr. Ahmet Arslan, we have presented our logistics center to the service of Turkish logistics sector.

I wish mercy from Allah to our citizens who were martyred on the night of July 15, 2016, when our railroaders also wrote an epic with great heroism, and I wish our veterans a healthy life. "

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