Intensive interest in Istanbul New Airport Commercial Areas Continues

When the first phase is completed, the new airport will serve 90 million passengers Istanbul, Turkey's "senior managers of close to 100 leading retail companies in the" HDI Retail Day "hosted n. Nearly 100 airline companies will take place; Istanbul New Airport, which will unite the continents with the opportunity to fly to 300 different destinations, will become the new center of retailing.

When opened preparing to become a showcase for Turkey's opening to world trade agreements continues in Istanbul New Airport. The world's made from scratch under one roof will be the largest airport in Istanbul New Airport, cosmetic technology, apparel decoration, serving a wide range of luxurious eating from consumption-drinking area leading close to 100 Turkey's retail companies and companies of the senior executives of "HDI Retail On the day.

Istanbul New Airport, which includes all the retail diversity and brand mix that a shopping center has, will give passengers 7 days 24 hours uninterrupted and perfect passenger experience, unlike many shopping places and airports. Istanbul New Airport will be a living area where passengers can have a good time with their families by having at least 4 hours before the flight with different shopping, eating and drinking options and activity areas.

”Heroic Turkish brands will be at Istanbul New Airport“

In his speech Mert Başar, Deputy General Manager of IGA Airport Operations, said: sür While our construction process is continuing rapidly, our works in Istanbul New Airport operation period continue at the same rate. It is. Today, Turkey hosts a meeting we made the largest retail companies, Istanbul We want them to see the last point reached in the new airport site. Our most important priority is to perfect passenger comfort and shopping experience. For this purpose both in Turkey is developing partnerships with the world's largest retail brands; we are making commercial agreements. ticari

Istanbul thanks to the new airport, will open a wide door to the world from Turkey stressed Mert awesome: "Hence Istanbul New Airport, Turkish products and to introduce the brand in addition to the söyleyebiliriz.uluslarara will become one of the most important platforms brands in Turkey hero brands will also contribute to the promotion of our country by taking its place in the airport. Brands will experience the fair effect with the terminal store and they will have the opportunity to introduce their brands to the world through international cooperation opportunities. We offer brands an opportunity that will not always come out in their lives. They will have the opportunity to present their products to millions of people from different nationalities such as opening a store in many different countries of the world with a store they will open at the airport. Havalim

Istanbul New Airport Retail Areas

There are 39 thousand 812 m² in the outgoing passenger floor and 13 thousand 998 m² duty free store area in the passenger floor.
There will be two-part fashion and accessory areas, including premium and mainstream, and each of these areas will have an 3 thousand m² and 25 retail store.

In the watch, jewelery and bijouterie section, 3 store leasable area is available on a total area of ​​30 thousand square meters. For children's clothing, an area of ​​3 m² consisting of 300 sales area will be at the disposal of shoppers. For home textiles and accessories, the 5 store will serve our passengers with an area of ​​450 m².

On the other hand, there are about 10 thousand m² store area on the land side. (Car rental, tourism agencies, bank offices, hairdresser, pharmacy, etc.)

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