Smart Junction Model for İnegöl Traffic

Bursa city center, as well as the transportation in all the district by the Metropolitan Municipality, İnegöl Municipality and İnegöl AVM in front of the work at the intersections ended, the traffic of the district was significantly relieved.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has provided relief to the 40s with its smart junction applications in Bursa's transportation, completed the intersection arrangement in İnegöl, one of the city's largest and most commercial potential districts. The İnegöl Municipality Front Junction and İnegöl Shopping Mall, which are completed in the scope of road construction activities of the Metropolitan Municipality, have also accelerated and relieved the traffic flow of the district.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Bursa, the steps taken in the city, taking the citizens of the steps taken by saying that the city's various 29 region by the arrangements made at key points reminded that the operation of the vehicle is relieved.

Traffic is more comfortable in İnegöl

President Aktas, Bursa Esentepe, FSM Tuna Street, Besevler, Otosansit, Korupark Labor and Small Industry intersections starting from the work reached the districts said, Beş We continue our transportation activities in our districts non-stop. We aim to make all of our districts more accessible. We have completed our work on the intersections of İnegöl Municipality and İnegöl Shopping Mall in İnegöl. We continue our work as a Metropolitan Municipality in İnegöl where transportation is more relaxed and the traffic flows more rapidly. Our citizens are pleased to report that they are satisfied with this situation, bu he said.

Smart intersections

Within the scope of the intersection arrangement works that relax the traffic in front of the Inegöl District Municipality Service Building, the 11 bin 500 square junction was replaced by a smart junction for the new project. The middle island of the intersection was removed, fast passages and return storage pockets were made, lighting, traffic plates and lighting systems were included in the system. The old junction in the area of ​​14 thousand 500 square in front of İnegöl Shopping Mall was dismantled and replaced by a new junction. Fast transitions and return storage pockets with appropriate lighting, traffic plate and lighting systems were applied to the project.



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