IMM sent a rescue team to train in Tekirdag

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with the instructions of President Uysal Tekirdag XIII rescue vehicle and 11 rescue personnel to intervene in the train accident near the town of Çorlu sent.

5 cars of the passenger train were overturned in the accident that took place near the Sarılar District between Muratlı and Çorlu districts of Tekirdağ. In the accident, which was stated to be injured, medical teams began to intervene.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Fire Department, was alerted by the instructions of President Mevlut Uysal. 11 rescue personnel sent 24 rescue personnel to the accident area to intervene in the train accident.

The Istanbul Fire Department also transported 2 lighting tower to the accident area with its rescue vehicles. The 11 fire truck supports rescue operations.

6X6 rescue vehicles of the Istanbul Fire Department started work in the accident area. IMM Road Maintenance Department is also going to the train crash area with 2 rescue crane, 1 crawler work machine, 1 grain loader, 1 diesel truck and 10 personnel.

ISKI, the 50 and 80 tons of lifting power two separate crane moved to the scene near Tekirdag Corlu.


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