High Speed ​​Train, Advanced Technology Production Center to Add Power to TEKNOSAB

Cüneyt Şener, Vice Chairman of BTSO, said that the Ankara - Bursa High Speed ​​Line, which is under construction, will be connected to the Logistics Center and that the integration of TEKNOSAB into this powerful and alternative transportation network will provide a very important competitive advantage to Bursa business world in the international arena.

BTSO Vice President Şener, TCDD Chairman İsa Apaydın and Deputy General Director Ismail Caglar. Cuneyt Sener, quality workforce, with trade and industrial production based on the traditions of centuries, employment and exports in Bursa Highly loaded with a performance that takes place at the center of Turkey's transportation mega-projects, he said.


With the new industrial revolution, TEKNOSAB stated that 25 is a billion-dollar investment, 150 thousand jobs and 40 billion-dollar exports are targeted. Üm TEKNOSAB will be the new address of the systematic transformation with the clustering groups in the target sectors, excellence and R & D centers as well as the organized trade areas. Sistematik According to the classical industrial production, Bursa, with its center that will be friendly to nature, he will give a higher level of support. ”


Cüneyt Şener emphasized that with TEKNOSAB, to which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was also closely interested and instructed to expand, a rapid development process started in the west of Bursa in terms of both new investments and residential areas. In addition, under the leadership of BTSO, the Logistics Center project with highway, rail and port connection to the city is also planned. kazanNoting that the works are continuing rapidly with the aim of increasing the speed of transportation, Şener said, “Connecting the Ankara – Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Line to the Logistics Center and integrating TEKNOSAB into this strong and alternative transportation network will provide a very important competitive advantage to the Bursa business world in the international arena.” he said. Noting that the tender for the connection line within the scope of the Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Line will be held in the second half of August, Şener said, “As BTSO, which further strengthens its leading role in the Turkish economy, we will continue to work in close contact with both TCDD and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, to which it is affiliated. ” used the expressions.


TCDD Chairman of the Board İsa Apaydın, Production and export of Turkey in Bursa city is one of the important centers that shape the identity economics of the country, he said. As TCDD, Apaydın stated that the ongoing projects in Bursa will contribute significantly to the commercial and industrial life of Bursa. Ilar As TCDD, our first partner is BTSO in our projects in Bursa. The demands of our business world regarding the investments made in Bursa are of great importance to us. We exchange ideas on the activities carried out in our monthly coordination meetings. These interviews also contribute to the healthier walking of projects. Bu

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