Sivas Municipality's Smart Stop Project Grant Support

Sivas Municipality 'Smart Stop' project ORAN'dan 400 thousand pounds was awarded a grant.

An important step was taken by the Sivas Municipality Transportation Services Department in order to expand the 'Smart Stop' project, which was implemented in the city center last year, in the neighborhoods.

The application for the smart stops, including information screens, smart phone and disabled vehicle charging stations, data matrix and many technological innovations such as' Where is My Bus' 'was accepted by the Central Anatolia Development Agency. 150 thousand pounds for the new stop in total 709 thousand pounds budget project is expected to be covered by the 400 thousand lira ORAN.

Among the successful projects, 'Smart Stops' project, Governor Davut Gül, Deputy Mayor Erdal Karaca, ORAN Secretary General Ahmet Emin Kilci and protocol members attended the signing ceremony.

A protocol was signed by Governor Gül, Deputy Chairman Karaca and ORAN Secretary General Kilci for granting 150 pieces of smartphones for the establishment of 400 smart stops for the purpose of establishing the necessary infrastructure for monitoring the public transportation vehicles and saving the time by using the mobile systems of the citizens using public transportation. .

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