Public Transportation Controls in Gazipaşa

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Supervision Team frequently conducts inspections in Gazipaşa for citizens to benefit from a high quality transportation service. Criminal proceedings are applied to those who do not open the air conditioner.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department and the Municipal Police Department for Alanya and Gazipasa Region, created by the Transportation Inspection Team continues their inspections without interruption. Finally, the team carried out inspections with Gazipaşa district gendarmerie station and a traffic team, and took a look at commercial taxis and public transportation vehicles.

In the inspections carried out in Gazipaşa by the Transportation Inspection Team, there is no passage to vehicles without carriage authorization document and route permit. In the scorching heat of the summer months, 259 TL criminal proceedings are applied to the public transportation vehicles that have a defective air conditioner, or that serve without opening the air conditioner. In addition, the car driver's costume, whether the vehicle stalls and whether the customer satisfaction issues are also important.

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