300 Bicycles Distributed to Youth in Gaziantep

In the context of the bicycle event organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Gaziantep City Council Youth Assembly in the second year, 300 units were distributed to students.

Speaking at the ceremony in front of Mutlu Cafe located in the Fairy Tale Park, Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that different points of view add a richness to society, Şahin We are not any city and country, so we have our claims. In order to bring these claims to life, you must first call a child, a young person, a person first. Young perspective and young people's energy is a great opportunity. We are a very young city, this is a great opportunity. Being a young friendly city, we can turn the opportunities we offer to young people into a development move. Children, young people; we need to prepare for the future in every direction, in mind, physically and spiritually. fik

Sahin pointed out that the bicycle issue in Turkey is a very important issue, he continued: "The biggest problem is not the use of bicycles in the Netherlands, I saw that bicycle parking. I noticed that projects for the bicycle parking lot were produced. There are so many bikes being used that make it necessary to produce new areas facing the bicycle parking lot. The use of bicycles is essential for this city, where air pollution is on the border. There's a success story on bike tracks. It is important that you can make bike paths in the city's new built roads in the center of the city. However, within the scope of the transportation master plan, it is the job that requires vision and courage to be able to strengthen the way to Gaziantep University by passing one-way roads in one of the main roads of the city and putting bike paths on one-way roads. Not very easy to change the way people live. You need to make some decisions to increase bike paths. We are currently launching a bike route of about 50 kilometers. My dream is, I want to take a bike on the bike paths and everywhere young people. Bike paths are important, it is to provide mental transformation in the young people. We need to make the bike a very serious alternative in transportation. Bisiklet

Fikret Murat Tural, Secretary General of Gaziantep City Council, thanked Mayor Fatma Şahin for the support of the Youth Council for youth projects.

After the speeches, the students were given bicycles.

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