Forest Kibarlar came to Konya

With the rapidly growing human population, pollution caused by human beings; the size of the damage to the environment and society is increasing day by day. Increased environmental pollution in recent years, has also spread to public transport.

In the morning, during the Alaaddin-Kampus expedition, the garbage dumped by the citizens did not escape. One of the city's public transportation guide in Konya in Turkey, citizens who would harm odd that such public goods. The history of public transport in Konya started with the 1917 trams and 1924 continued with small buses. In 1992, Alaaddin-Cumhuriyet, and in 1995, tramway route between Alaaddin and Campus was completed and flights started. While the importance given to public transportation in Konya has increased every year, the new trams in 2013 were added to Konya. However, the damage caused to the transportation vehicles and the insensitivity of the citizens in recent years, revealed that the value of public transport is not known.


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