A New Era for Pedestrians in Kemeraltı

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the pedestrianization project it has prepared for the revitalization of the city's historical bazaar, Kemeraltı. The new application, where vehicles can enter the market only at certain times of the day, made both citizens and craftsmen happy. Ümit Mutlu, President of Kemeraltı Tradesmen Association, said: “Those who come to shopping will now be comfortable and can travel safer.”

As one of the oldest and largest open-air bazaars in the world, a new era was entered in the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, one of the most important values ​​of İzmir. The pedestrianization project, which is considered to be an important factor in the revitalization of Kemeraltı and which is important for the environment and human health, has been realized since the beginning of the week. The new application, which restricts the entrance to the bazaar, has received the full support of the shopkeepers as well as the shoppers.

Automatic barriers are engaged
Within the framework of the "Pedestrianization Project", Kemeraltı is only open to pedestrian circulation between 10.30 and 17.30 during the day. The entrance of vehicles to the pedestrianization zone at the borders of the historical bazaar was taken under control with barriers. Thanks to the "mobile and license plate barrier system" managed by İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM), which was established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Kemeraltı streets were left to pedestrians who went shopping. Thanks to the intercom and camera system, it was reported that emergency response vehicles such as firefighters and ambulances can easily enter and exit when needed.

Only cargo bikes and electric vehicles
The maximum speed limit for motor vehicles in the area is determined as 20 km per hour. In the time zone where motor vehicle traffic is prohibited, merchandise will be provided by goods entry, hand trolleys, cargo bikes and small electric vehicles. In the open hours, only commercial vehicles with permits for transportation up to 3 tons are allowed in the area. All loading and unloading operations in the region are carried out in open time zones of the region. The download and unloading operations to be performed during the time when the Bazaar is closed to traffic are carried out only at the points determined in the pedestrian zone.

Tradesman happy, customer safe
270 hectares of history Kadifekale-Agora-Kemeraltı axis of the most intensive use of the Kemeraltı Bazaar in the 60 thousand tradesman indicating that the Chairman of the Kemeraltı Tradesmen Association Umit Mutlu "Kemeraltı Pedestrianization Project" for the views expressed by the words.

“We have been working with the Metropolitan Municipality for about two years. He took into account every idea we said. Kemeraltı is the biggest open air shopping mall in the world. It is one of the indispensable parts of the Aegean Region. The product range here is nowhere to be found. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor for being so interested in Kemeraltı. There are announcements in Kemeraltı in the subway, it has implemented the vacuum system. The project is being carried out so that the Kemeralti is not flooded. The barrier system was one of these projects; satisfied our shopkeepers. Next year, floor arrangement will be held in the bazaar. So we are constantly intertwined with the Metropolitan Municipality. We are also happy with their work. Kemeraltı 270 hectares, a large area. So some things sit with time. We have done very serious work. Our Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also supported us. We come together with a common mind. While creating this barrier system, we also received an idea; shopkeepers were ignored. Those who go shopping will now be comfortable. Female customers were disturbed by vehicles with their children and strollers. Now they can move around safer. ”

That's what we wanted.
Emre Balan, who has been a tradesman in Kemeraltı for 24 years, said, “The important thing for us was the safety and comfortable shopping of pedestrians. We have implemented this with the pedestrianization project. Kemeraltı has become a safe shopping center for pedestrians. We thank you. ”

Mesut Bulut, another shopkeeper who said that they wanted to pedestrate in Kemeraltı for many years, said, “The fact that the cars did not pass through the bazaar was a subject we wanted for a long time. There were very difficult moments due to the narrow roads. This decision was very good for the shopkeepers. ”

Öztekin Altıner, who does food business at the bazaar, summarized his thoughts about the new application as follows: ise Barriers were very good. The entry of the vehicles into the bazaar was hampering our business. People could not move easily due to vehicles. We have received very positive feedback from our customers about the new application. We are happy."

Decided together
Leaving the roads in Kemeraltı to pedestrians for a significant part of the day, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality had interactive meetings with the tradesmen of Kemeraltı while limiting vehicle traffic in the historical bazaar. The metropolitan officials stated that pedestrian circulation was constantly interrupted due to vehicle traffic in the region, shopping was negatively affected, difficulties in walking around with disabled children, bicycles and cyclists, and the damage to the historical texture and noise pollution were also important factors in the decision. .



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