First Message of the New Transport Minister Turhan

Cahit Turhan, who was brought to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, took over the task from former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan. After the handover ceremony, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan published a message.


10 As of July 2018, I have been appointed as Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. First of all, I would like to say that I know the importance and the weight of the responsibility that I take over.

We are starting a new era both as a country and as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. For this period, we will finish existing projects and realize new projects; it will be a period when we will carry the flag we took over even further. By always increasing our service quality; Turkey's development, community development and all necessary in achieving the goals we have set for the year of the 100th anniversary of our Republic will make every effort and determination.

Our vision is to contribute to the competitiveness of our country and to improve the quality of life of the society; is to create a sustainable transportation system that provides safe, accessible, economical, comfortable, fast, environmentally friendly, uninterrupted, balanced, contemporary services. The basic element in this vision is Human, Service to Man. We will also work for this vision we aim to see Turkey in the future.

We know; The transportation sector is the most important service sector which is one of the main factors in economic development and contributes to the increase of the public welfare. In other words, it is the locomotive of economic and social development.

In this context, our aim is to put all the ongoing investments into service quickly and to carry our country forward with giant investments.

As a family of transporters, my colleagues will continue to play an important role in achieving the same success and enthusiasm of our country by increasing our country's achievements.



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