ISTE's ENERGY Increases

Iskenderun Technical University (ISTE) Energy Institute begins the recruitment of students. As the name implies, in the Energy Systems Engineering Department of the Institute, which focuses on ”energy b which is of strategic importance for the future of our country; Interdisciplinary and comprehensive research on current issues related to ecek energy ular can be done under the supervision of expert academicians. Applications will be published in early August.

Iskenderun Technical University (ISTE) is a newly opened Energy Institute; The master's and doctoral programs with the thesis or ENERGY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING ENGINEERING Jİ are addressed as an interdisciplinary engineering program to all sectors that energy technologies need. Within the framework of the program; The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of sectors related to the development of practical and effective solutions, practices and experts who can use and interpret current scientific and technological knowledge and developments in the field of energy effectively.

Energy Systems Engineering Master's and Ph.D. programs, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Electrical-Electronics, Environment, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Industry, Energy Systems, Construction, Computer, Metallurgy and Materials, Oil and Gas, Aircraft, Space, Graduates of Aviation, Mining, Automotive, Rail Systems Engineering and all other related engineering departments can apply.

Students who will receive postgraduate education in the Energy Institute of Energy Systems Engineering of ISTE; Solar Energy, Nuclear Energy, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Biomass Energy, Geothermal Energy, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, Power Systems, Electronic Energy Systems, Energy and Computer Applications, Thermodynamics, Heat-Mass and Energy Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Fuels and Combustion, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Recovery KazanThey will have the opportunity to improve themselves by taking courses and developing projects in many scientific and technical fields such as Energy Integration, Smart Grids, Jet Propulsion Systems, Energy Physics and so on.

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