Train Wounded Citizens Told That Moments

The 5 wagon of the passenger train was overthrown near Sarılar District of Muratlı and Çorlu districts of Tekirdağ. 24 people killed in the accident killed 338 people. Citizen in one of the wagons crashed in the accident: Everything was in 5-6 seconds everyone started to scream devr

Citizens in one of the wagons crashed in the accident X Everything was in 5-6 seconds, everyone started to scream. The train fell to the left side, the glass exploded, the glass went down “while using the statement, another casualty stating that the rain had been cut before the accident” There was rainfall in the region. Anyone who was at a time could not tell what it was. We were in the first vagina, God helped us. I saw the other wagons toppling over. Diğer

Treatment of the wounded Corlu State Hospital citizens who came to see relatives while driving in front of the hospital.

After the train accident in Corlu, Çorlu State Hospital, the treatment of the wounded are continuing.

The wounded moments of the incident

Emphasize the events of the event, remembering the moment, Emre Kocaag, re I wake up lying on the floor. I have pain, Ağ he said.

With her daughter from Edirne Uzunkopru Çerkezköygidiy As far as I can see, the train was going fast. When the train suddenly braked, we were all in the train. The rear wagon was broken. Empty ones went off the train. We waited for a while to go there. Then the villagers brought the engines to the ambulances, Sonra he explained.


Mikail Yiğit injured his nephew, went to the scene immediately after the accident, noting that the villagers helped the wounded, "Mahşer word remains a little, people do not want to live. Believe that the percentage of people in hospitals is currently saved by the help of the villagers 'tractors, 90' he said.

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