Channel Istanbul Project Announced Details

Istanbul New Airport, Eurasia Tunnel and Osmangazi, Yavuz and Çanakkale bridges will be implemented in the build-operate-transfer model will be implemented in Istanbul. The change to be made for this purpose was added to the 'bag law' arrangement that was referred to Parliament yesterday.

Channel investments made by public-private partnerships that Turkey has in recent years used effectively in Istanbul also added. In the regulation of the bag law delivered to the Assembly, an arrangement that will allow Kanal Istanbul to be put out to tender with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) method is also added. For this purpose; The expression “channel” will be added in the “Law on the Implementation of Certain Investments and Services within the Framework of the BOT Model”. Kanal Istanbul, which was included in the BOT model with the item added to the proposal, is expected to be tendered this year.


It is planned to reduce the width of the Canal Istanbul Project to 400 meters. 275 will find the 43 meter at the depth of the mile long channel. Thus, the planned cost of 25 billion pounds will be reduced to 65 billion pounds with the savings of 30 billion pounds. Within the scope of the study, 35 will be reduced by about 1,7 million cubic meters.


Turkey, the success of the build-operate-transfer model in the world the example shown previously scored similar large projects. The largest of the projects built with this method was the Istanbul New Airport. Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel were the other major projects built by the method of many city hospitals.

1986-year period covering the period 2017-41 in Turkey through a public-private partnership made about 58 investments approaching 217 billion dollars. More than 80 percent of investments were implemented after 2003. Canal Istanbul is expected to be 35 billion pounds of goods with Turkey's total value of the projects that built this model will be 66 billion dollars.


According to the Ministry of Development data, the 1986 investment was signed with the public-private partnership during the 2001-67 period, the total cost of which was 11,4 billion dollars. In the 2002 under the said partnership in Turkey of any investment it made moves that were seen a significant increase since 2003 years. Accordingly, while 2003 was invested in the 2017-150 period, their total cost was 46,4 billion dollars.

Source : Yeni Şafak



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