Cemetery Bridge Interchange 10 Will Be The Only Lane In The Day

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of Highways by the expansion of the cemetery Bridge work due to the Junction of the traffic flow 10 will be provided in a single lane throughout the day.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems; Toprak Nizip Street and Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Boulevard, between the 13016 no. Between the street work, art structures, bridges, road expansion and superstructure due to the superstructure of the bridge The traffic flow on the Cemetery Junction between Ömer Halisdemir Boulevard is controlled by 28 as 01.00 arrival will be provided. Ö

In this respect, it was announced that due to the work to be carried out at the Cemetery Junction, citizens and vehicle drivers should obey the traffic signs and directions to be placed on the road in order not to be a victim.

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