BURULAŞ Continues Occupational Health and Safety Training

BURULAŞ continues its occupational health and safety trainings for the personnel working in-house.

In the training given by the work place doctors and occupational safety specialists in coordination of the training supervisor, it is aimed that the personnel work in an accident-free, safe and healthy manner. Trainings for personnel working in the institution are also applied in new recruitment. The trainings will continue until the end of the year, where it is emphasized that it is extremely important that the workers can be prevented before the occurrence of many accidents and that the personnel is first of all conscious.

Trainings are carried out in a wide range. Personnel are subject to training on issues such as causes of occupational diseases, workplace cleanliness and order, legal consequences arising from occupational accidents and occupational diseases, chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors, manual lifting and transportation, safe use of work equipment, electrical hazards.

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