Puppies Stuck in Bursaray Station Recovered

Osmangazi Municipality Directorate of Veterinary Affairs teams, kidnapped the cat in Bursaray line saved. The kitten, which is about to die from hunger and thirst, was taken to Osmangazi Municipality Unclaimed Animals Natural Life and Treatment Center and was taken under treatment.

Korupark Metro Station, which entered the kittens, feared people fled between the train tracks. Bursaray staff, under the subway feared to die a few times to catch the fry cat was not successful. Bursaray staff, a few days in the subway station to rescue the cat Osmangazi Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate was asked for help. The crews of the veterinary affairs department, who went to the station, caught the kitten who was sluggish due to hunger and thirst within a short time. After the first intervention by the veterinarian, the kittens were taken to the Osmangazi Municipality Natural Animals and Treatment Center. Here, the kittens inserted in the serum and examined, will be kept under protection for a while. The kitten will be left back to the natural habitat after getting old health.



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