Digital Information Period in Bursa Traffic

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, while providing practical solutions in urban transportation at the same time, drivers, applications that will provide convenience during their journey also said they took the agenda.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to become a more accessible city, uses all the data that will ease the traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality, which produces breath-taking solutions for transportation in Bursa, provides ease of traffic to citizens with its digital guidance panels, which are being used at certain points within the scope of urban transportation works.

Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they received positive feedback due to their work on transportation and said, dık We have taken important steps at the key points of transportation since we took office. We will continue to implement applications that make life easier for citizens. Vat

Smart applications

Stating that they have implemented practical applications to support drivers' journeys in urban transport, President Aktaş said, ler We offer solutions to the areas needed by our smart municipal works. In the digital system, which is now in use at two points in transportation, the data reflected in the electronic message board becomes a source of practical information to the drivers about the traffic flow and road condition. Ulaşım

Chairman Aktas, all the main arteries in the city aimed to implement the system, he added.

According to the app, Acemler Junction is reflected in the electronic variable message board located in front of BUSKI, Organized Industrial Zone, Bademli, Mudanya, Small Industry and Uludag University travel time information. Mudanya Road, Bursa arrival direction Ata Boulevard, the entrance to the digital board, Acemler, city center, Small Industry and Uludağ University travel time information began to be given. With the system in which the calibration work continues, drivers can easily see how long they can go to their destination.



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