Narrowing for High Speed ​​Train in Bursa Ring Road

We also remember ... In the 90's when the Ring Road was first mentioned, Bursa's traffic was directly

on the grounds that they did not interest unnecessary.

At the point Gelin

It has been the most important transportation investment protecting Bursa traffic from vehicles on the Istanbul-Aegean line for 8 years. First of all, it transported vehicles to the east, west and north directions without the need for urban traffic.


It has become an important alternative that takes the burden of urban traffic

So much so…

With the participation of those who do not want to enter the city traffic in the evening hours, a serious traffic has recently started to occur in the Western Ring Road section between Istanbul and Izmir.


When the asphalt renewal started on the Ring Road at the beginning of the summer season 2 years ago, the vehicle congestion on the Ring Road exceeded the congestion in the center.

Nowadays ...

On the eastern part of the Ring Road, a lane narrowing is applied between the tunnel and Demirtaş intersection.


The 3-lane road to the east from the Istanbul junction is closed. Transportation is provided from 3 lanes on the way to Istanbul intersection.

Traffic flow…

One lane departure after the tunnel in the eastern part is given as 2 lanes to the east from the Istanbul intersection.

That's why…

In the evening, especially in the direction of going to the single lane traffic is still jammed, vehicles are forced to wait.


This time, there is not much reaction to the traffic jam even on the traffic highway.


The lane narrowing is applied due to the viaduct being constructed for the high-speed train to cross the highway in the Kazıklı area.

For him Onun

For the sake of the high-speed train, the ordeal is considered to be drawn this time.

We do not know how long the work, which started in the first days of July, will take, but considering that the other way will be closed for concrete bases, we come across a period like September-October.

High-speed train trail appeared parallel to the Ring Road

Until last year… Except for the tunnels, there was no scene that could give morale to those who were waiting for the high-speed train with hope.


Although there are discussions based on different perceptions about the end date targets, the tracks of the high-speed train can be seen at different points.

The viaduct in Geçit, next to the legs of the viaduct rising near the Oxygen facilities in the western part of the Ring Road, the high-speed train elevation running parallel to the ring road from Kazıklı to the tunnel in the eastern part increases the hope.

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