BTS Branch President Albuz: "TCDD Handed Over Road Maintenance and Repair to Private Sector"

Ersin Albuz, head of the branch of the United Transport Workers Union Istanbul 1, spoke toLL about the train accident in Tekirdağ. Albuz drew attention to the role of TCDD in the privatization of maintenance and repair services, especially in the field of private sector applications. Albuz, TCDD infrastructure on their own locomotives and wagons carrying OMSAN Logistics's two trains collided a while ago, reminding that 'TCDD profit-oriented work should not,' he said.

Yesterday as a result of the overthrow of the passenger train in the district of Corlu Çorlu, according to the figures 24 people lost their lives and 124 people were injured. After the accident, the chain of omissions revealed that the cause of the accident was more privatization and more profit-oriented service. The fact that the guards' cadre carrying out the routine inspections of the railroads were abolished five years ago as a result of the privatization moves, the fact that the tender for the strengthening of the accident site was canceled immediately before the election led to the criticism of the governor's yıl air opposition eleri claims.

Speaking to the soL about the accident that can be easily avoided United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Istanbul 1 Branch Chairman Ersin Albuz, TCDD privatization initiatives in the realization of the event, drawing attention to the important statements made remarkable. Elbuz stating that the railways are now under the TCDD's tender procedure, not with their own staff, stated that pressure on the committees responsible for the control of tenders was created. In the Road Maintenance Department, Albuz said that the security of the passengers was taken in place by taking the names that are close to the power of the engineers and the answers of the following are as follows:


You are saying that TCDD will be saved most of the personnel during the process of privatization, which is called liberalization. What is the connection with this accident in Tekirdağ?

Previously, TCDD used to make maintenance and repair of railways with its own staff. Now this task has been transferred to the private sector through tenders. These tenders are also made with an open auction method. We do not know whether the companies that take the tenders are doing the scientific methods in order to make a profit. They don't use the material to be used on the road. Considering that the rain can come in, material suitable for wear of the vents should be used. The infrastructure material to be laid under the rail should be placed in consideration of the natural conditions. These are all additional costs. We do not know whether they are placing these materials and costs into contracts.


With the Demiryolu Law on Liberalization of TCDD ”at 2013, the Department of Roads and Facilities was closed down and transferred to the newly established Railway Maintenance Department. What is the effect of combining these two institutions, which are separate areas, in this accident?

The Road and Facilities Office and the Railway Maintenance Department were two separate areas. One would look at the signaling of the railways and the other looked at the road and the conditions of the road. The combination of the two caused this service to lose its concentration, worsening the working conditions. Ten years ago there was a serious melting in the number of people working here. The removal of the road guards following the accident took place in this process. There's no one to control the roads.

Prior to the privatization process, the appointments would be made according to more qualifications. For example, the current Road Maintenance Manager of the Haydarpaşa Train Station does not carry this merit. How can this person not be an engineer supervise engineering work? When making appointments to the directorates, we said that they were not based on merit but on the basis of yapıl political supporters ”, and we made a statement about the dismissal of this name. We said this would endanger passenger safety. The biggest problems in the privatization process of TCDD are the implementation of these unrelated appointments, tender specifications and tender conditions. If he was a qualified manager and these two flats did not converge, the likelihood of an accident in Tekirdağ would have been much reduced.


What are the disadvantages of TCDD's opening of infrastructure services to transportation companies?

OMSAN Logistics has the right to use railways in some regions. Similarly, when new companies enter the tracks tomorrow, new accidents can be new. This can be heavy. For example, OMSAN's two freight trains collided in Malatya in May.

TCDD should not work with profit. TCDD, a public service provider, should continue this. Road and maintenance departments should be separated, appointments should be made on the basis of merit and merit, not by proxy, tender conditions should be fair, and pressure control committees should not be put under pressure.

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