BTS President Inspected and Warned the Train Accident on Site

Hasan Bektaş, the chairman of the Union of Public Workers' Trade Unions (KESK), went to the region where the tragedy tragedy occurred in 24. Bektaş's evaluations and warnings about the cause of the disaster are as follows:

  • On the day of the accident there is heavy rainfall in the region. But rainfall is something all over the world. There's a culvert there. Flood is passing through the bottom of the culvert. Flood is dragging the stones we call the ballast under the rail. It causes the rail to stick in the air. After the locomotive passes, the wagons are toppled.

-There were 'road guards' on the railways. Each 'road keeper' had a route of 10 km, 15 km. Especially when the weather was bad, they controlled the rails as pedestrians.

- All appointments on railways since the last 10 year have been unqualified. There are people who don't understand work.

-We heard that the tender about the infrared was canceled by 15 days ago. We don't know if it's true or not.

-They're getting smaller. Lack of staff was made.

- The upper body has been recently checked. However, the infrastructure is not the main superstructure, infrastructure is important.

- There's no problem with the truck and the mechanic. Which would do the accident though the train there. This is a result of the policies implemented by the AKP government over the years for the 16. In 2004, there was an 'accelerated train' disaster in Pamukova. Again, there were minor accidents. Last year in August we lost the 2 engineer in the train crash in Elazığ.

-11 has a thousand km of rail network. As long as it's neglected, it's here today, somewhere else tomorrow. She needs to be looked at. As long as these policies continue, accidents can occur.

“Engineers were ignored”

The Chamber of Civil Engineer (İMO) said, mühendislik The cause of disasters is not the natural events but the delivery of the engineering knowledge and accumulation to the daily trade. Engineering and engineers are ignored sayıl. İMO, the line passes through the farmland, in such places the bearing is weak in the carrying power, the photos taken in the lack of function due to the lack of ballast drew attention to the loss of the layers. In the statement of the IMO, lem There is a serious negligence according to the initial determinations. We also want to make sure that the necessary maintenance and controls are not taken into consideration by taking into account the rains and that this accident should not be connected to the last rains. Guilty is not rain! Those who built, the ones who built and did not inspect the structures that were made lar said.

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