Bicycle path will extend from Konyaaltı to Lara

The metropolitan municipality connects both ends of Antalya city center with bicycle paths. Cycling Road Project Antalya, Antalya, Antalya, seamless pedal to Lara.

Antalya city center is located on Teomanpaşa, Milli Egemenlik, Hasan Subaşı Streets, Old Lara Road and Rauf Denktaş Street. The new Bike Road Project, which Menderes Türel gives great importance to the Metropolitan Municipality, will be connected to the existing 13 kilometer bike paths in line with the Transportation Master Plan and the new roads will be added to the 13 kilometer. With the project that will turn the bike into a transportation vehicle in Antalya, the people of Antalya will enjoy the uninterrupted travel from Konyaaltı to Lara safely using the bicycle path.

First approval from the Ministry

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, Antalya on the bike paths that do not have the integrity of the new arrangement by giving the good news that the uninterrupted cycling routes. The bicycle transportation plan prepared by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, taking into account the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning alınarak Guide for Urban Bicycle Routes Başkan was submitted to the approval of the Ministry and the first approval was obtained. Now a second approval is expected from the Ministry to begin construction.

Healthy, cheap, safe transportation

There will be uninterrupted transportation from Konyaalti Beach to Lara Rauf Denktas Street with Bicycle Road Project. The existing bicycle paths in the city center are made permanent and the bicycle is intended to be used as a means of transportation. In this way, as a healthy, cheap and safe transportation means, the people of Antalya will be able to use their bikes with peace of mind.

Uninterrupted transport from Konyaalti to Lara

The Konyaalti-Lara road route is as follows; Konyaalti Beach-Dumlupinar Bulvari-Hasan Subasi Park-Konyaalti-Caddesi-Teomanpasa Street-Milli Egemenlik Street-Hasan Subasi Street-Cumhuriyet Square-Ataturk Caddesi-Isiklar Street-Tevfik Isik Caddesi-Eski Lara Yolu-Düden Park -2134. Street-Caglayangil Street-Rauf Dentas Street.

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