Channel in Istanbul Big Risk

In the recent days, the destruction of a retaining wall and the danger of collapse of the surrounding buildings and the risk of collapse of the building was brought to the agenda, while the eyes of the risky structure has been reverted to Kanal Istanbul.

In the near future, a major earthquake is expected and former Minister Mehmet Özhaseki'nun 600 more than a thousand buildings at risk of being re-opened again after the eyes have been reverted to Channel Istanbul.

According to a report by the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet Çiğdem Toker, CHP Denizli deputy Gülizar Biçer Karaca made a speech on the dangers of the Grand National Assembly:

Ecek With this project, tons of cubic meters of earth will be replaced in Istanbul, a concrete city with a population of 1 million inhabitants of 20, and the massive earthquake expected will be triggered seriously. How will you pay for the lives we will lose? A dam on the route will be destroyed (Sazlidere). Çatalca'da 107 thousand hectares of forest area will be plundered. The water of the Marmara will be contaminated, the oxygen will be reduced, the ecological system will be completely destroyed. Marmara

Biçer said, acak Let us give up this project that will not work except to fill the pocket of the pro-bride companies. Let us take up our country, our resources, our nature ize.


The excavation will be able to generate 600 kg dust emission per hour. Istanbul's breath will be polluted and air pollution-related diseases will increase. 100 million earthmoving truck expedition. 5 2 truck will be transported per hour if the excavation will take 283 years.


Its length is 45 km, its width is 150, its depth is 25 m. Channel Istanbul will be designed as a significant amount of excavation.

The figure in the first EIA application report was 1.5 billion cubic meters.

Obviously, the study was completed with the tender, the first data is different figures are spoken.

Moreover, in a project that has not yet begun, the 65 billion pounds cost will be reduced to 35 billion pounds, so the 30 billion pounds will be saved as well as interesting news in the media.

This fictitious savings will be reduced by pulling the channel width from 400 to 275 meters.

Thus, the amount of excavation will be reduced by 800 million cubic meters.

This figure is enough to make the islets.


When the first description of the excavation will be released 3. It was said to be used for the runways at the airport. Two projects could not be performed simultaneously. It did not.

Now we're reading it to be used in the Orphanage.

It is impossible not to be horrified to read about what the media of the Palace would bring to the nation by the experts of the excavations that the excavation of the. Islets ok and ini garden gardens Saray.

Architect Ekin Halide Sarıca's eye-catcher writing in the Polytechnic is important. According to 1.5 billion cubic meters, the results can be halved according to 800 million cubic meters:

-This amount of excavation will generate 600 kg dust per hour. (Katı) This is the 600 level of the limit value in the Industrial Air Pollution Regulation. So the project will pollute the air and threaten the health of the people.
Istanbul's breath will be polluted and air pollution-related diseases will increase.

-The 15 million excavation truck will be transported when 3 m100 trucks are used to transport and remove the material according to the amount of soil and excavation. 5 2 lorry means that the excavation will take 283 years.

-22.5 km 2 trucking, 283 kg / km dust emission for a vehicle specified in the Industrial Air Pollution Regulation, considering the total 0.35 kg dust emission per hour will be released into the air.

-The freight of Istanbul's traffic and roads will threaten public transport safety.


Serious findings in a series of articles on the effects of Channel Istanbul (Polytechnic, January 2018) are not limited to:

- With the realization of engineering structures in the project route, it is possible to face new ground problems such as landslide, liquefaction, corrosion and large ground depressions due to melting of limestones.

- The highest elevation of the project is 140 meters. During the installation of the route, due to the slope increases caused by height differences in the working environment during and after the excavation, natural soil strength will lose its strength properties. Naturally damaged soil with earthquakes or heavy rainfall with the slope-landslide risks will arise.

-Project area is cut with many buried faults and the nearest distance to the North Anatolian fault line is 15 km and the distance to the northernmost part is 60 km. With the introduction of tsunami waves into the canal route along with the possible earthquake, the people will face a secondary danger outside the earthquake. The fill islands under the project will be at risk during the Marmara Sea earthquake.

Promise: For the channel Istanbul study Yuksel Project and 34 million 990 thousand TL has been signed a contract, the former Minister of Transport, Ahmet Arslan said.

If this work is completed, this report should be made public.

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