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Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. When Mustafa Tuna gave the good news of the removal of the ızı Batıkent Transfer kav on this route, the citizens had the opportunity to travel faster between Sincan OSB and Törekent-Kızılay.

President Tuna, who gave the good news that they will expand the rail system in the capital even more, that ANKARAY will be extended and new metro lines will be put into use, and said that "citizen satisfaction is our priority", thanks to the citizens for removing the transfer of Batıkent are received. The “thank-you messages” of the citizens who shared their thoughts on social media and called 153 Blue Table about the direct transportation service, which saves time and especially the satisfaction of the elderly, disabled and pregnant citizens, are also conveyed to President Mustafa Tuna. Some citizens who forget that the transfer has been removed from time to time are warned by both officials and announcements while getting off the subway in Batıkent. The messages of thanks to President Tuna are as follows:

The journey was taking too long and getting tiring. With the removal of the transfer, our travel time was shortened. This application made us very pleased. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. I would like to thank Mustafa Tuna and everyone who contributed.

It was taking a lot of time because of the transfer via Metro. We would like to thank our Mayor for having implemented this application even if it is delayed.

There was a loss of time during the transfer from Batıkent to Sincan. Now this problem has disappeared. We were delighted with the opening of other metros, now our joy has doubled with the removal of the transfer. Thank you to our mayor.

Transferring in Batıkent was both tiring and a waste of time. Now, direct travel is so comfortable… God bless Mustafa Tuna… Thank you to him and his team. We are very satisfied.

Disabled, elderly, children and pregnant citizens were having difficulties during the landing and embarkation in the transfers made in Batıkent. For this service offered to the people of Ankara, I would like to thank our Mayor Mustafa Tuna and all the employees who contributed.

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