The capitalists went to the 15 Seizure by trains

Thousands of citizens gathered in Sincan Gar with their Turkish flags flocked to the trains to participate in binler 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day binler.

Hours After the 20.30, citizens flocked to the commuter trains waiting at Sincan Gar, descending at Yenişehir stop in 15 returned to the trains by participating in the activities at the July National Turkish Red Crescent Square.

In the 15 July 2016 night, where the traitors of the villagers attempted coup, thousands of citizens who were on their way to counter the coup by the instructions of our President, were transported from Ankara to Ankara by trains.

As in the National Struggle years, the 15 had not written the horrors of the airstrikes on traitors, and had written the heroic epic by carrying thousands of people to the center.



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