Artvin Ropeway Project Excitement

artvin ropeway
artvin ropeway

One of the vision projects of the Municipality of Artvin, the first meeting with the companies for the cable car was held in the meeting hall of Artvin Municipality.

Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe, Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Orhan Yazici, Deputy Mayor Aydemir Akkoy, representatives of Chinese company IPPR, Jessica Li, Du Junminly, Cansu LTD. ŞTİ representative Cevdet Erkmen, Aykaf LTD. ŞTİ representative Yurthan Gönül, İsmet Rıza Çebi, Vefa Erarslan and Lador LTD. ŞTİ representative Orhan Çaloğlu attended.

In the meeting, Artvin Coruh University Seyitler Campus - Çayağzı Quarter (bridgehead) planned to be built on the route of Çarşı Quarter (efkar hill), which was planned to be built as a transfer operation. .

Investor companies; Artvin's future is looking for tourism and education, the main purpose of the cable car is 3 transportation, service to students and tourism is projected by the ropeway was made development.

The investor made a presentation about the IPPR, the investor and the President Kocatepe and the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Orhan Yazıca about the cable car project.

Artvin Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe Artvin is a vibrant city that every month sports organization and tourism activities were done by expressing;

. We had brought our project to a certain extent and there were some problems. A company from China has come up with the efforts of a townmate from where he stayed today. Today we have made our first meeting and we are taking positive steps. If we can agree with the companies with a build-operate-transfer model, we will bring the cable car project to our Artvin after the project delivery time 90 days that we have presented to us by making the place delivery within the 210 days. Yap

IPPR company CUI YINQIANQ; Artvin is a city of natural wonders and with this project, Artvin's future will be even more beautiful, he said.

Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Orhan Yazıcı; He stated that they are working on a project that will bring together both sides of Artvin.



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