Traffic Relieves O-3 Highway Bağcılar Junction

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting to work at an important intersection to ease the flow of traffic. O-3 When the Yanyol and U-turn (400 meters) in the Bağcılar area is completed, the traffic flow will be relieved and the construction of the metro station, which is under construction, will be easier.

With the work to be carried out with the Bağcılar O-3 North Yanyol U-turn, the distance between the highway traffic going from Aksaray to İstöÇ direction, the distance to the Bağcılar Göztepe Neighborhood and the Tavukçu Creek road will be shortened and the traffic density will be decreased.

The traffic flow from the direction of Aksaray and Otogar will be able to transfer to Bağcılar Göztepe neighborhood without going into Mahmutbey junction. The connection to the TEM highway connecting to the Century District will also be relieved. 23.07.2018 is scheduled to start on Monday, ending in three months.


55 trees in the region corresponding to the U-turn where the intersection will be carried out will be removed by special machines and planted in other places. Tree transportation works from Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry. Dr. Tolga Öztürk and Faculty Member It will be done in accordance with the reports prepared by Necmettin Şentürk.

Implementation phase will take place as follows;

Trees will be transported with special wood transport vehicles.
Before the tree transportation process is done, crown pruning will be made to protect the root-branch balance of the trees.
23.07.2018 will start on Monday.
The trees will be planted on the area shown by İBB Park Gardens Directorate in Evren Mahallesi Çakır Sokak.
For trees larger than 30 diameter, rootball technique will be transported and smaller trees will be transported with our mechanical wood carriers.

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