No Metro yet, but the Metro has a relief

Today the 118 of the Paris metro. establishment anniversary. The Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, which is claimed to be a European city, could not build the metro yet, but it removed the signage and also engraved the metro in Izmit. Those who wonder can go to Sekapark Mer

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, a while ago from the center of Darıca and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, which will extend to the construction of the subway line had pushed the button. 12 year-long subway line for 1.5 year-long Preparation of Final Design Projects for pre-qualification for the services of Engineering Services and Consultancy, pre-tender for the consultancy service 1 year ago, the line 10 separate stations with Gebze and Darıca city centers, hospitals, public institutions , educational institutions, OIZ areas and Marmaray line was announced to be integrated.

The municipality began to take things slowly for the subway. Then came the 24 June early elections. Like all Kocaeli Turkey also entered the election atmosphere. The first activity of the municipality was to erect a subway sign to Gebze. The construction work has not started the signposted "advertising for" the city center, the municipality erected after the election of the municipality has lifted up.

A similar situation was experienced for the İzmit Akçaray tram. Promising to make a tram in 2009 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu 8 full year during the year with citizens promised trolley promises. Before the construction of the tram, one-to-one tramway example was brought to İzmit Anıtpark and electrified with an 3 socket. This pretense before the election ended after the elections.

AKP's Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has created a new event after the subway sign and 3-based tram project; Metro relief.

For a very long time, the governing city of the AKP, which opened the city, opened an office in Izmit Sekapark for the subway line between Gebze and Darica. Outside the municipality of the municipality, there was a relief of a subway. Citizens were greeted with surprise by introducing the underground project of Gebze, with its cinevision screenings.

Today the establishment of the Paris metro 118. year. 118, which is claimed to be the European city of Paris, could not reach the metro after the year. If you want to see Metro Relief, you can go to İzmit Sekapark.

When is the subway coming? When will we be in Izmit, when we will take the metro l

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