Shock Claim by CHP Deputy "Number of Deaths in Tekirdağ Train Crash 41"

CHP Uşak Deputy Özkan Yalım claimed that the number of people who died in the train accident in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ was 24, not 41, as opposed to the one announced. 318 people were injured. He claimed that the death toll was 24, not 41. Yalım said: "The assembly should establish a research commission".

According to official statements, 8 people lost their lives and 24 people were injured in the accident in Tekirdağ's Çorlu district where the passenger train was derailed on July 318. Özkan Yalım, CHP Uşak Member of Parliament, claimed that the death toll was 24, not 41.

SözcüAccording to Deniz Ayhan's claim; "The number of citizens who died in the accident was announced as 24," Yalım said in the statement of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. A young football player from Uşak, who played in Barcelona in this accident, also died. In my interviews with his family, it is claimed that the number of people who died was 24, not 41. In this regard, the Assembly should establish a research commission. ”

Barça Academy Istanbul Beko athlete Oguz Arda Sel, 9 years old, and his father, Hakan Sel, also died in the accident. Arda's painful mother, Misra Oz Sel, said in his statement on his social media account that he was waiting at the beginning of the train after the accident. he said. Misra Sel's allegations were brought to parliament by the CHP Uşak MP Özkan Yalım. He requested the opening of a Parliamentary investigative commission on allegations that the number of lean dead was higher.

CHP Tekirdag Deputy Candan Yüceer said in a statement at the Parliament, "Çorlu disaster will not forget, we will not forget," he said. Citizens in the process before and after the accident of heavy negligence, there are delays, the market said that the life of Yüceer, auctions lack of supervision, with the specialization of railways, lacking staff, arguing that there is a lack of personnel, "Çorlu disaster will do our best to uncover the reasons and responsible," he said.

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