Night Trips in Mersin are Appreciated

night time in Mersin is appreciated
night time in Mersin is appreciated

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which started the transformation movement in Mersin with the services it put into service, provides uninterrupted access by night flights. In particular, the company does not provide service to the passengers used by bus passengers heavily used, is appreciated by the citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality, which has solved the traffic and transportation problems experienced with the transportation projects and public transportation services realized throughout the city, has crowned the public transport services that received great acclaim with night flights. The Metropolitan Municipality offers peaceful, safe and uninterrupted public transportation services to the citizens.

In order to ensure that the citizens of Mersin travel in a peaceful and comfortable environment and reach their homes, the municipal buses, which continue their flights without interruption at night, serve with 12 or 26 vehicles.

Since the companies do not provide service in MEŞOT, the shortcomings of the buses of the Metropolitan Municipality are trying to be eliminated and the passengers are not victimized in any way. After the 21.00 in the evening, a car expires every half an hour until 05.00. Mersin residents can easily reach the city center by the time they want, especially from MEŞOT.

Service continues until morning

1.Grup shift in public transport of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality works with 17.00 line 00.30 vehicle between 5 and 14 hours. 2 bus with 10 from X-TRX and 2 vehicle from Baglarbasi-Tece 26 from X-TRX vehicle from City-Mersin to Tece The bus 4, 28 and a half way from the Machinery Supply - 4-30 from the old Mezitli, is on the bus number 2.

2.Group Watch is working with the 21.00 line 05.00 between 7 and 12. MEŞOT-Mersin University Medical Faculty Hospital 2 by bus, 11 bus, BESI-MEŞOT-City Hospital 1 vehicle with the number 18 bus, City Hospital-Mersin University 2 by car between the number 29 bus, Bus-Viranşehir-Soli 2 vehicle Bus 33 with bus 1 from Bus-Soli, 34 by City Hospital-Soli, 2 by bus from XIUMX and 76 by 77 which is the longest bus running from MEŞOT-Tece.

Night flights from drivers, passengers are also satisfied

Emre Sertkaya stated that he was in Adıyaman and came to Mersin for the first time and said 'There are many municipal buses. It is a good service to have so many municipal buses at this time of night. There are too many municipal vehicles around. Very good service in my opinion. It's much better to have especially at this hour. This is the first time I've ever been. It's a good thing, especially in the bus station. Özellikle

Vehicle captains also, passengers are also satisfied

Stating that he worked as an assistant in a bus company, Ali Karaca said, çalış I usually use the municipal bus. I work at the bus company and we arrive here at night between 02.20 and 03.00. Our municipality has hours of application until the morning and for him, our captains, we and our passengers are very pleased. Our passengers can't walk to the main door. We have old or young passengers. In the evenings, they use municipal buses because there are not many people. Passengers are very satisfied. Since there is no in-bus service, we usually use municipal buses. We are also grateful to the mayor and thank you very much. We also expect a very good practice, Devam he stated.

Neriman Küçükkoç emphasized that he usually prefers municipal buses while traveling in the city, otobüs I usually use municipal buses and I am satisfied. If I go down at the bus station at night, I can ride in my house comfortably. May Allah bless the Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. I'm glad he did something like that. People don't suffer. They don't pay cash, they don't stay on the road. A very nice application, G he said.

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